Grand Maritime Paintings from the Permanent Collections

Exhibition Dates: November 2017 – August 2018
Maritime Fine Art Gallery

Bradford paintitng titled The Ice Dwellers Watching the Invaders

Caption: William Bradford, The Ice Dwellers Watching the Invaders. Oil on canvas, c. 1875. Gift of William F. Havemeyer.

Among the great treasures of the New Bedford Whaling Museum are its collection of works by local painters of renown. Artists like R. Swain Gifford, William Bradford, Lemuel Eldred, Clement Nye Swift, and Charles Henry Gifford achieved fame in their lifetimes for their vision, skill, and often documentary prowess. Lemuel Eldred and R. Swain Gifford in particular serve to capture the essence of actual events in so fine a fashion as to be used as historical sources, an application transcending their art as beautiful renderings. The “Maritime Fine Art Gallery” is a space devoted to the fine arts and particularly their public appreciation and enjoyment.