Following Fish: Navigate Through the New Bedford Fishery

Exhibition Dates: 2014–2017

Curated by Maria Quintero, Curatorial Fellow (2014–2015)

From the upper deck of the Museum one can see a beautiful panoramic view of the local fishing fleet docked just one-hundred yards away. This amazing sight of the harbor was contextualized as viewers were invited to Navigate Through the New Bedford Fishery. Select objects and images from the Museum’s extensive collection gave visitors a unique experience that captured the imagination at this interactive exhibition.

Photo by Phillip Mello

Our modern fishery remains the strongest direct legacy of historical whaling. The New Bedford Whaling Museum celebrates the people who continue to make their living from the sea. This tradition faces many challenges. Over time, the fishing industry’s impact on people locally and around the world is not without controversy. This exhibition highlighted the economic and environmental concerns as well as personal stories of the New Bedford fishing industry.

Fishing techniques have changed drastically since the 19th century. New technologies have altered fishing practices. The species of fish caught have adapted for sale to global markets. The workforce has diversified as new groups of people migrate to New Bedford and find jobs in the fishing industry.

On its journey from the ocean to our plates, fish have transformed both our local communities and affected international relations. This exhibition allowed visitors to imagine being at the local fishery in the past, present, and future. 







 View the slideshow set called Working Waterfront, Michael Cevoli, on Flickr.




Sponsored by the William M. Wood Foundation

Last modified: April 27, 2017