Entangled: Ghost Whales

Sculptures by Kristian Brevik

Jacobs Family Gallery
Exhibition Opened: February 18, 2019

ghost whales against wall

The North Atlantic Right Whale has been critically endangered for years. Recently, these whales had begun to recover, but that recovery is threatened by the death of whales due to human activity, mostly entanglement in fishing gear and ship strikes. These sculptures explore the relationship of humans to whales by representing the ghostly nature of our relationship to these creatures, the precarious condition of the North Atlantic right whale population, and ‘the Ghost of Extinction Yet To Come’. The title of this work also evokes reflection on the ways that human are ‘entangled’ with other species in a dense web of reciprocal responsibility.


If youʼd like to support this and other projects at the intersection of art, science, and conservation – check out the artistʼs site. – individual whales (entangled and disentangled) are available for sale:

or on instagram, @kbrevik_whalefal