Common Ground: A Community Mosaic

Common Ground exhibition banner

New Bedford is an extraordinary place of infinite possibilities where different paths from around the world have intersected and defined the city’s character. For the next three years, the Museum will be collecting and sharing the stories of the community – in their own words. Through writing, audio, video, and other means of recording, community members are going to have the opportunity to lend their voice to the collective story of Greater New Bedford. The initiative will culminate in an exhibition that shares the lived experiences of the enduring and evolving communities of the area.

From its beginnings as a part of Wampanoag territory to its early Azorean and Cape Verdean immigrants, and more recent Central American and Caribbean immigrants, the common thread throughout New Bedford’s history has been migration and its ethnic and cultural diversity—the heartbeat of this port city. Like a mosaic, this exhibition will highlight how the diverse identities and individual stories intersect to create a singular picture of New Bedford – finding the common ground. Common Ground Flyer (pdf)


Lend your voice to a collection of the lived experiences as a member of the community of Greater New Bedford. Stories collected here might be shared by the Common Ground project and could end up in the final exhibition planned for 2022.

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For questions about the project or information about other ways to submit a story, contact Akeia de Barros Gomes, Ph.D., Curator of Social History


A virtual talk was held with Dr. Akeia de Barros Gomes, Ph.D. and Alison Wells, August 6, 2020. Learn more 

Below is a 3-minute video about the Common Ground: A Community Mosaic Project.