A City for the Arts: Masterworks of Greater New Bedford

Exhibition Dates: October 30, 2020 – May 2021
Wattles Family Gallery

In celebration of our region’s tremendous impact through the centuries on American Fine Art that continues to resonate, reverberate, and inspire, the New Bedford Whaling Museum is curating a new exhibition A City for the Arts: Masterworks of Greater New Bedford. From William Bradford to Albert Bierstadt to Clement Nye Swift, our region has been home to some of the most revered master artists, and the Museum will gather some of the most stunning pieces from its Collection, and from private collections, into one gallery.


{MASTERWORK: A piece of quality, indicative of having been made by a master; a masterpiece.}


Throughout history and still today, Greater New Bedford has been a vibrant hub for the creative community. Showcasing the region’s continued artistic heritage and the vibrancy of the local arts community, the exhibition will couple the selection of masterworks with contemporary pieces by local living artists.

This multi-layered exhibition will also share contemporary artists’ reflections on the master artists of the past, responses to the masterworks within the exhibition, and commentary on how they see their role in the region’s current artistic landscape. A City for the Arts aims to celebrate and support local artists – the voices that interpret, explore, and represent the soul of our city and their place within it in perpetuity. Now more than ever, and when we need it most, the arts bring this city together.