Augmented Reality (AR)


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There are many objects within the museum that come to life when scanned by an augmented reality application.

You can download the  Aurasama app logo  app and experience it now if you’d like. The images below are activated as augmented reality hot spots. It will give you a taste of what is waiting for you at the Museum.


Getting started

  1. On your Android (via GooglePlay Store) or iOS device (via iTunes App Store), download the Augmented Reality app called “Aurasma.” (More information about Aurasma can be found on their website).

  2. Swipe through the short tutorial.

  3. Create an account and log in (Android users can skip this part, but iOS devices must have an account).

  4. Launch Aurasma

  5. Tap on the Aurasma symbol 1at the bottom of your screen.

  6. Enter Whaling Museum in the search bar. Aurasma symbol 2

  7. Tap “follow” ** Content will not display unless you follow us.

  8. Find and stand in front of the object.

  9. Use the Aurasma app to view the object.

  10. Enjoy!

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Try it out!

Follow the instructions above and target these images with your mobile smartphone or tablet.

Lagoda Sails for AR

Sperm whale skeleton display

photograph of trypots

display of glass artifacts