Digital Collections

Existing and emerging digital technologies affect how we envision our library and deliver educational programs. Digital scholarship at the Museum develops and collaborates on projects that seek to engage a wide audience.

  • Create and use tools that support digital access and scholarly activities.
  • Integrate digital tools and methods with traditional scholarly research.
  • Create shared spaces, both virtual and physical, where research and learning can take place.

Project Links

Digital Grand Panorama
This platform was developed using ArcGIS online “story-map” templates combining maps, text, images, and multimedia content. The four painted rolls displayed digitally on this site were “stitched” together from 240 separate images; they completely represent the conserved artifact. The Digital Grand Panorama was created by Michael Lapides and Christina Sewall with assistance from Nathan Silveira.

Old Weather Whaling
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

William A. Watkins Collection of Marine Mammal Sound Recordings and Data
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Whaling History
Connecting all things whaling. A New Bedford Whaling Museum and Mystic Seaport Museum collaboration.

Whaling Crewlist Database
The completed database includes 127,531 records and spans the years 1809 to 1927. It provides the names and descriptions of men leaving the port of New Bedford on whaling voyages. These records are useful to family members wishing to learn about the whaling careers of their ancestors.

Virtual  Tours: Scrimshaw 
 P. L’Heureux, University of Maine History Department

The Voyage of the Ship Horatio, 1850-51
A story map based on Horatio Hathaway’s logbook from his first voyage as a merchant in the China Trade – Christina Sewall, Geographic Information System (GIS) consultant.

ODHS 972A: Journal of Wilhelm Kromer
Steward onboard the bark Lagoda‘s 1882 voyage out of New Bedford. Transcribed and translated by Library volunteer Peter Collins.

Introduction to Whaling Logbooks and Journals
A detailed explanation of the things that are found in typical whaling logbook or journal entries, written by Museum intern Rachel Adler.

A hypertext, annotated edition of Herman Melville’s work The Encantadas; or, Enchanted Isles (1856) that aims to create a simple, direct reading/teaching interface.


Online Collections

New Bedford Whaling Museum Online collections database

Digital Commonwealth
Logbooks, journals, nautical charts

Internet Archive