Digital Scholarship

Existing and emerging digital technologies affect how we envision our library and deliver educational programs. Digital Scholarship at the Museum develops and collaborates on projects that seek to engage a wide audience.

  • Create and use tools that support digital access and scholarly activities.
  • Integrate digital tools and methods with traditional scholarly research.
  • Create shared spaces, both virtual and physical, where research and learning can take place.

Project Links

Preservation & Access

  • Digital Commonwealth – Logbooks, journals, nautical charts
  • Lockss – An acroymn for ‘lots of copies keeps stuff safe’, core digital preservation principles
  • MetaArchive –  A digital preservation network by and for memory organizations
  • Library of Congress – National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

Department of Digital Initiatives Wiki

  • NBWM@Wikispaces – Digital technologies continue to dramatically change the museum experience. Increasingly we rely on the internet to discover and explore; research and learn; organize and plan. This wiki serves as a collaboration platform, an information hub, and a public record of Museum projects involving digital technologies. Join us, work on an existing project, or suggest a new one.


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Last modified: July 27, 2017