Recent Acquisitions: 2017

2017.1 Two historic postcard-size photos of early exhibitions at “the Whaling Museum of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society”. Gift of Dr. Stuart M. Frank

2017.2 New Bedford Yacht Club burgee. Gift of the New Bedford Yacht Club

2017.3 Twenty USPS First Day Issue envelopes, images include Seapex commemoratives, engravings of whalers and other local subjects, 1978-2001. ODHS Purchase

2017.4 Two USPS First Day Issue envelopes, images include Bartholomew Gosnold and Herman Melville, 2001. Gift of Arthur and Susan Motta

2017.5 Roll of unused milk bottle caps from Dutch Belt Farm, No. Dartmouth Mass. Gift of D. Jordan Berson

2017.6 One volume letter book containing two whaling voyages, the ship Triton of New Bedford and the ship Maria of Nantucket, and a set of jointer Charles Wood’s accounts. 1829. Gift of Mr. Alan Schroeder

2017.8 Early photograph of the Stephen Hathaway house, Acushnet, a typed Hathaway genealogy, and some 1912 New Bedford Evening Standard newspaper clippings with notes from Stephen Hathaway Forbes of Moylan, Penn. Gift in Memory of Stephen Hathaway Forbes (1910-2003)

2017.9 Three Pairpoint clear bubble-glass perfume bottles, a Pairpoint purple vine pattern, bubble-glass ball top paperweight, a Pairpoint clear bubble-glass ashtray, a menu from the New Bedford Hotel, Thursday Dec. 31 (no year), a banking envelope from the First National Bank of New Bedford, St. John the Baptist Church Centennial 1871-1971 paperweight, New Bedford semi-centennial 1847-1897 stick pin medal, a change bag from the Southeastern Bank & Trust, and a Gunderson potato glass vase. Gift of Judith & Robert L. Sterns

2017.10 Small wooden box of Black Diamond whale oil harness soap, a Standard Oil product. Anonymous Gift

2017.11 Eleven letters written to Joseph Grinnell from John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, James Buchanan and others. Gift of Robert & Bundy Boit

2017.12 A set of Argand whale oil lamps originally from the home of Henry Ball in Newburg, NY. Gift of Horace Wildes

2017.13 Charles Wing, lecture record and sketch book, New Bedford Textile School, 1900-1901. Examination questions and misc. notes; and a photocopy of N.A.C.M. annual meeting papers published in New Bedford Evening Standard, 1912, reporting on yarn standards discussed at the meeting. One volume of Kestenbaum notes on cost keeping and cost sheets, Charles S. Wing Jr. New Bedford Textile School notebook, 1899-1901. Gift of the American Textile History Museum

2017.14 Ships papers from the Bark Eliza in their original metal box containing a citation signed by the President and affixed with the Great Seal, shipping articles from the Bark Eliza, 1860, and a keel bolt from the wrecked whaler Franklin. Anonymous Gift

2017.15 Bureau set that belonged to Francis Taber Gardner. Gift of Judie Flanders

2017.16 Soapine soap, Kendall Mfg. Co. advertising card, New Bedford Bible Society advertising card and a H.C. Hathaway auctioneer raffle ticket. Gift of Stephen H. Borkowski in honor of Peter Gansevoort Whittemore

2017.17 Framed photo of hunting with dogsleds in East Cape, Siberia, June 1913. Gift of Sidney Lockwood Tynan

2017.18 Iron stair tread from Fairhaven Mills, (1917), Morse Twist Drill Machinist’s Practical Guide, (2x 1935 and 1x 1950), Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co. product catalog (undated), Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co. machine screw taps wooden box, straight shank taper length twist drill No. 314 (x3 packages), two drill gauges, receipt for purchase of drills (1883, x2), correspondence and other ephemera. Mechanics Bank: One uncut sheet of four cashier’s checks c. 1835, New Bedford Tool Co. receipt for hardware (1876), Commonwealth of Massachusetts Court of Insolvency document re: Frank I. Washburn /Edward S. Taber of the Morse Twist Drill and Machine Co. (1883), Bates Mfg. Co. receipt (1913), Eureka Loan Co. documents (1913), Sawyer Tool Mfg. Co. receipt (undated), Joseph W. Nicklas Drug and Seed Store ruler, C.F. Wing Co. screwdriver advertising premium, G.S. Fales clock spring compressor tool, John J. Gunning Jungle No. 25 folding pocket knife, metal plate molded with relief of Sperm Whaling, The Capture, US Spec Pat Tool Corp. Gift of Elton W. Hall

2017.19 Capped bottle of Dawson Lager Beer, 1965, capped bottle of Dawson Gold Crown Beer, 1956 and a letter from Charles R. Tucker to Capt. Sam E. Cooke, dated New Bedford, 1859. Gift of Nicholas Taradash

2017.20 Eleven topographical maps of the Azores: Arquipelage dos Acores, c. 1965-1971 including Ilha de S. Miquel, Ilha do Pico, Ilha de S. Jorge, Ilha Terceira, Ilha de Santa Maria, Ilha Graciosa, Ilhas das Flores e Corvo. Gift of the Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford

2017.21 Framed print of the bark Catalpa and a framed print of ‘New Bedford Waterfront,’ 1875 by Louis Sylvia. Gift of Susan Rimmer Desnoyers

2017.22 three Norman Fortier photographs: Cherry Trees (planted by GCBB in 1931) at Buttonwood Park, New Bedford, 1967, Children’s Museum, Russells Mills Village, 1967, Mrs. Fay’s Greenhouse, Nonquitt, 1967. Gift of the Garden Club of Buzzards Bay

2017.23 A collection of Pairpoint cup plates, c. 1978-1982. Gift of Mrs. George Jacobs

2017.24 Ship Continent papers. ODHS Purchase

2017.25 Late 1950’s/early 1960’s 8mm home movie footage containing unique scenes of Lincoln Park, Dartmouth, Whites of Westport and Buttonwood Park, New Bedford. Gift of D. Jordan Berson

2017.26 Good Luck Souvenir token, ‘Dead Whale or a Stove Boat’. Gift of Frems Jewelry Store

2017.27 Log book from the ship Ann Alexander. Gift of the Burnham Family

2017.28 Albert Van Beest watercolor, untitled view of Palmer’s Island Lighthouse. ODHS Purchase

2017.29 Oil painting, Morningstar at Wharfside and a framed pencil sketch of the Fairhaven waterfront scene by Percy Elton Cowen, c. 1920. ODHS Purchase

2017.30 Two Christmas greeting cards from Babbitt Steam Specialty Co. Gift of Erika Hamer

2017.31 Sealed tin of Whaling City Bicycle Oil manufactured by Strange & Wing. Gift of Robert S. Mogilnicki

2017.32 Three glass plate photographs taken by Herman Parker of the ship model Wamsutta, built by Herman Parker for Wamsutta Mills in New Bedford. Anonymous Gift

2017.33 Pair of folk art dolls of an Azorean man and woman made by the donor’s mother-in-law. Anonymous Gift

2017.34 Framed print of the ship Lagoda by John G. Kunger, 1970. Gift of the New Bedford Port Society

2017.35 Two books: Margu Preus, Heat of a Samurai and Manuel Borges de Freitas Henriques, A Trip to the Azores or Western Islands. Gift of Dr. Stuart M. Frank

2017.36 A photograph of Gregory Peck in downtown New Bedford at the premiere of Moby Dick in 1965 by Cecelia F. Conzaga. Gift of her daughter, Deborah L. Gonzaga-Reed

2017.37 Personal effects or document box that belonged to Capt. John N. Holmes (grandfather of the donor). Gift of Lucille D. Baker

2017.39 Three New Bedford autograph books belonging to Annie W. Ellis, c. 1880’s – 1950’s. Gift of Melanie Correia

2017.40 Bound set of the Morning Register, 1855. Gift of Danae Arone

2017.41 “Haidee” — Engraving on paper by W. Brown given in memory of Dr. Jack H.T. Chang, and two illustrated brochures from the Taiji Whale Museum in Taiji. Gift of Dr. Stuart M. Frank

2017.42 Four postcards with views of The Hotel Sippican Casino, Marion Ma; Town Hall, Mattapoisett; Southworth Library, Padanarum; Purchase Street at the Corner of William, New Bedford. Gift of Tony Schraub

2017.43 Six land deeds from the collection of the Fairhaven Colonial Club dated 1864, 1836, 1796, 1808, 1798, and 1772. Gift of Nicholas Taradash

2017.44 Digital files for original photographs of Greenland scenery taken by Michael Lapides during his 2012 voyage. Gift of Michael Lapides

Col Green Tuxedo

Above: 2017.45 Tuxedo and shirts of Col. Green.

2017.45 Two pieces of correspondence and a collection of Colonel Green’s clothing including tuxedo and daily shirts. Gift in memory of Alfred & Isabelle Senez from Philip & Irene Lavoie

2017.46 Personal items belonging to Isaac Dennis Hall and Hannah Mary Norris Hall of New Bedford including c. 1878 hand-illustrated autograph book, c. 1849 album of pressed leaf specimens, a Japanese lacquer jewelry box willed to Robert P. Hall by Gilbert Hall in 1913, and an 1855 journal containing psalms, stories, correspondence and scraps. Gift of Mary D. Dillon-Current

2017.47 Manuscript diary of Susan Gifford, November 15, 1859 – December 30, 1860. Gift of Ann Briggs

2017.48 Whaling journal by Frank C. Sawtelle kept aboard the bark Jacob A. Howland, October 1, 1877 – August 5, 1881. Gift of Craig Winters

2017.49 Collection of whaling related books, mostly collected by Andrew Howard Potter Swift. Gift of Laurene Swift

2017.51 Whaling journal from the bark Osceola II, 1866-70, whaling journal from the ship Awashonks, 1870-71, and the bark Morningstar, 1891-1894, and eight letters mailed to bark Morningstar, St. Helena. Gift of Ms. Deborah Perry

2017.52 Marriage certificate of Miguel Jose Soares and Domingas Rofina Soares and the birth certificate for Joseph Miguel Soares. Gift of Henrique Soares Silva

2017.53 Albert Van Beest painting, oil on canvas, probably painted in Holland or France. Gift of Jane & Tim Howes

2017.54 Collection of Hough family papers, photos, books, genealogy, sampler, diplomas, etc. Gift of Garry deNeuville Hough Family

scrimshawed sperm whale tooth

Above: 2017.55 Two scrimshawed sperm whale teeth.

2017.55 Two scrimshawed sperm whale teeth, one attributed to the Banknote Engraver and one undecorated sperm whale tooth. Gift of the estate of Philip Clough

2017.56 A collection from the Colonial Club in Fairhaven including a cylinder butter churn used in the home of Henry Huttleston Rogers; wine glass belonging to Capt.  Phillip Nye, 1826; three guest books; bound Penny Magazine, 1832; local scrapbook,1912; eight black and white photographs, New Bedford; six local ledgers, 1846-1849,1870, 1872, 1874; journal New Bedford to California, 1849, Gold Rush era; framed Taber coat of arms; Farmer’s Almanac, 1839; Gifford Family coat of arms; Tug Boats,Fishing Boats and other Old Friends, sketching in New Bedford Harbor’ signed copy by Clement E. Daley; photograph of the Charles W. Morgan; copy of Bartholomew Taber’s will; lot of local architecture slides; miniature table made by Captain James S. Nye of Fairhaven. c. 1830; tickets to the NESPA, 1933-1940; and misc. parlor games and instructions including playing cards, rules books, and game pieces. ODHS Purchase

2017.57 An archive of letters and documents related to the whaling trade written in Panama and Tahiti by Captain George S. Baker, c. 1870s. ODHS Purchase

2017.58 Photo of Isaac Fessenden Sawtelle from 1863, his citizenship papers from 1833, and bills of sale related to the barks Ohio, Active and Stella. Gift of Andy Burnham

2017.59 A card of pressed seaweed specimens made by Sarah Sutcliff, probably prior to 1890 and a pair of spermaceti candles. Gift of Ruth Ekstrom

2017.60 Photo of Isaac Fessenden Sawtelle, 1863; his citizenship papers, 1833; and bills of sale related to the barks Ohio, Active and Stella. Gift of Andy Burnham

2017.61 Two USPS First Day Issue envelopes: Captain Joshua Slocum centennial 1995 and Herman Melville First Day of Issue 1970. Gift of Martin Lipman

2017.62 Improved toggle harpoon used aboard the bark Wave. Gift of the Hammond Family of Wareham, MA

2017.63 Double Bullseye whale oil lamp with detachable lenses. Gift of Janet Gregory & Judith Bell

2017.64 A collection of eight original Azorean maps c. 1641-1798. Gift of William Betts

2017.65 Nicholas Taber plow plane; Nicholas Taber panel raising plane; Nicholas Taber riveted skate groove plane; John M. Taber plow plane; John W. Smith skate groove plane;, John W. Smith tongue plane; Braddock D. Hathaway cooper’s adze; Braddock D. Hathaway drop handled draw knife; Braddock D. Hathaway flat draw knife; Braddock D. Hathaway gouge; J. Delano cooper’s draw knife; Dean & Sawyer broad axe; Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co. drill chuck; molding plane, and a carpenter’s pencil. ODHS Purchase

2017.66 1912 New Bedford pin, oval with whale motif and box. ODHS Purchase

2017.67 Two prints by Paul Gidley USCGC Eagle in New Bedford Harbor and USCGC Eagle, 1991. Gift of Mel Yoken

2017.68 ‘New Bedford in 1810’, a hooked rug made in New Bedford by Agnes Winsper who was a long-time Star Store clerk, c. 1957. Gift of Andrew (Chip) & Kim Fontaine

2017.69 Polychrome scrimshawed sperm whale tooth by Robert Spring, 1977. Gift of Michael J. Sinsky

2017.70 Ernest Ludwig Ipsen (1869 – 1951) painting of a landscape of the Coastal Inlet, Slocum River, Dartmouth, Mass. Gift of Aileen Crawford

2017.71 Three boxes of 19th century tools. Gift of Dexter Clough

2017.72 Ninth International Azorean Whaleboat Regatta copper mug, New Bedford, 2017. Gift of Azorean Maritime Heritage Society

2017.73 EMAT expendable mobile target, ABT expendable bathythermograph, early hydrophone with cutaway for exhibition, early hydrophone (black coil) aka “hockey puck,” SPOT – limpet tag (dart tag) with darts for small cetaceans (ARGO’s location tag at the surface). Gift of Azorean Maritime Heritage Society

2017.74 “Cape Verdean packet Sunbeam of New Bedford” by Reynolds Beale (1866-1951) 1910, pencil and watercolor on paper. Gift of Martha Mullen Taradash & Melissa J. Pelletier, trustees of the Amy Janes Bare Charitable Trust.

2017.75 Five manuscripts regarding the life and whaling career of Zephaniah Gooding, 1839-1849. Gift of Elizabeth H. Hilpp

Manta test vehicle

Above: 2017.76.1 U.S. Navy Manta test vehicle.

2017.76 Two bottom mounted hydrophones and a Manta test vehicle. Gift of U.S. Navy

2017.77 Sampler made by Edith Steel Swift, July 1907 at Mishaum Point, four original photographs of “Arrowhead,” the Swift family home at Mishaum Point, and a partial ledger containing notes regarding the garden at “Arrowhead.” Gift of Edith Steel Swift

2017.78 1950’s life jacket with stamps for yearly Coast Guard certifications, including New Bedford. Gift of Robbie Gifford

2017.79 Paper doll collection made by Harriet Elizabeth Pierce of New Bedford (nee: Howard), wife of Albert Russell Pierce. Gift of Alice E. Pierce Bonifaz

2017.80 Whaling journal kept by Captain Benjamin Clough onboard the ship Niagara of Fairhaven, 1851-1854. Gift of Alice E. Pierce Bonifaz

2017.81 Captain Abner Potter Barker’s spyglass and boxed compass, 19th century. Gift of Judith Park-Sylvester

2017.82 Three books: Gunks and Goos, Tom Bowling and the Book of Knots, and Sail Hooks. Gift of Des Pawson

2017.83 Mourning cape passed down from Eliza Dow Norton (nee: Howe), second wife of William J Norton, a wealthy cooper whose business was on Fish Island, New Bedford, also a framed photo portrait of Eliza Dow Norton. Gift of Judy Axtell

2017.84 Address book belonging to whaling captain Leander C. Owen of Vineyard Haven, MA, March 1881. Gift of Mary Gessner

Eskimo soapstone blubber oil lamp

Above: 2017.85 Eskimo soapstone blubber oil lamp.

2017.85 Eskimo soapstone oil lamp for which Jane C. Boardman traded a package of needles, scissors, and a bar of soap with a Cree Indian chief, St. James Bay, Canada, July 1937. Gift of Jane Canott Boardman

2017.86 1956 Moby Dick premiere papers and ephemera from Madia Hill (aka Mrs. Laurence G. Hill) who was involved with planning of events for the 1956 premiere of Moby Dick. Gift of Galene A. Kessin

2017.87 Four boxes of archival materials of whaling history including films, microfilms, published imprints, etc. Anonymous gift

2017.88 Illustrated London News pages, (Jan. 2, 1858 p. 13, and March 20, 1858 p.289) and an anonymous engraved view entitled “The Island of St. Paul, Southern Indian Ocean: The Entrance of the Crater”. Gift of Dr. Stuart M. Frank

2017.89 Signed lithographic print of the research vessel Abel-J by D.A. Remley, and three photocopies of blueprints of Abel-J. Anonymous gift

2017.90 Sign asking public to “Help North Atlantic Right Whales!” and report whale sightings to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Gift of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

2017.91 Collection of ca. 1820’s – 1920’s Farmers’ Almanac, Centennial Calendar or Almanac, Ayer’s American Almanac and others. Gift of Ruth Ekstrom

2017.92 Items from the Lawrence Grinnell Family Collection, Birchfield, Padanarum including: a half hull yacht model of either Flying Cloud III or Quickstep; a yachting trophy, Quickstep, 1889 converted to a lamp; a life ring from Flying Cloud New Bedford; and a clock and barometer in a display stand. Gift of Lawrence Grinnell

2017.93 Grave digger’s accounts and day book of Howard Potter, Dartmouth Mass. 1827-1853. Gift of Judith N. Lund

2017.94 Scrimshaw letter opener by Amos Baker, made for Mary Jane Baker. Gift of Richard Donnelly

2017.95 Collection of papers compiled by the late Melville C. Brown, head of the Slocum Society for the purpose of documenting the genealogy of Joshua Slocum. Gift of Karen Clifford

2017.96 Portrait of Clement P. Covell, Master of the ship Parnasso, oil painting on canvas, c. 1820; a customs document dated December 18, 1820; and a document from the Port of New Bedford stating there are no contagious diseases, prevailing fever, or mortal sickness in New Bedford. Gift of Grimshaw-Gudewicz

2017.97 Two framed watercolors by New Bedford artist Frank Clinton Tobey (1865-1892). One depicts a factory /mill, possibly Westport and the other shows the inner waterways in the New Bedford area. ODHS Purchase

2017.98 Collection of papers, ephemera, manuscripts, documents including two bound volumes and a spyglass relating to whaling master A.L. Stickney. Gift of Nancy Conlon

2017.99 Local advertising premiums: c. 1930’s Dawson’s Ale & Lager beer can/bottle opener; “batter whipped” Sunbeam Bread thimble. Two original copies of the Official Guide: New York World’s Fair, 1964/1965 containing mention of the Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World on loan from the New Bedford Whaling Museum to the New England States Pavilion, pp.189-190. Gift of D. Jordan Berson

2017.100 An agreement between Charles W. Fisher, owner and agent of the bark Gay Head of San Francisco, and Frank E. Taber, dated December 14, 1901, that Taber will go as first mate and a letter from Captain J.B. Carpenter [onboard the bark Costa Rica Packet of Sydney] dated Laboca [Buenos Aires], February 20, 1888, regarding sperm whaling on the Rio de la Plata grounds to Sydney merchants Burns, Philp & Co., Ltd. Gift of Julia Sansone

2017.101 Two letters from William Grinnell, New Bedford, concerning coppering whaling ships November 6, 1829 and November 16, 1829 to Harmon Hendricks, a New York merchant. ODHS Purchase

2017.102 One glass bottle with tag labelled “sperm oil.” Found under the stairs of home at 19 Bayview Ave., South Dartmouth. Gift of Carol & Clint Aldrich

model of sidewheel steamship

Above: 2017.103 Model of Sidewheel Steamship Nantucket.

2017.103 Scratch built radio-controlled model of side-wheel steamer Nantucket, 1886 for the New Bedford, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket Steamboat Company. Model Built by Gerald Thomas Smith in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. Gift of Mr. Christian Smith 

2017.104 A diary and narrative whaling journal kept by Cullen Ward, age 21, of Perry Centre, NY, April 22, 1833-July 11, 1835. Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Smith

2017.105 Membership card for Colonel Edward R H Green for 1917-1918, to the New York Athletic Club. Gift of Bob Lytle

2017.106 Menu and ashtray from the Millstone Restaurant & Lounge at the New York World’s Fair, 1964/65 where Purrington & Russell’s Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World was loaned for display. ODHS Purchase