Recent Acquisitions: 2016

2016.1 Collection of items belonging to Captain Francis M. Post & family including a portrait of Capt. Post. Gift of Alan, Geoffrey, and Daniel Post

2016.2 Three black and white photographs of a whale stranding in Provincetown in 1946, also a Soapine trade card. Gift of Stephen Borkowski

2016.3 Four George Kirby Jr. paint labels ca. 1890’s. ODHS Purchase

2016.6 Three Dawson Beer Co. glasses and a 1773 Dartmouth, Massachusetts, land deed to Henry Gidley. Gift of Nick Taradash

2016.7 Framed oil on canvas painting of local, probably Fairhaven, Pierce & Kilburn boatyard. 3’ x 2’, signed illegibly lower left, attributed to Emil Hesse. Gift of Claire Sweeney Lord

2016.8 Six 8×10” photographs (black and white) of 1977 gas explosion on Union St., New Bedford. Gift in memory of Herman M. Souza

2016.9 A box of 18th – 20th century Stetson family papers pertaining to Westport, Nonquit, New Bedford, etc. Gift of Margaret K. Rodgers

2016.10 Small wooden table, probably owned by Clement Nye Smith. Gift of Acushnet Public Library Board of Trustees

2016.11 Eight souvenir postcards from the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Gift of Bob Alves

2016.12 Two Slocum family photograph portraits. Gift of D. Jordan Berson

2016.13 First day of issue postal cancellation, Moby-Dick six-cent stamped envelope, Honoring the Whaling Industry, New Bedford Mass. Gift of Natalie C. Phillips

2016.14 One rebound and laminated 1st edition of Mutiny on the Whaleship Globe. Gift of Temple Fawcett

2016.15 Two Charcoal drawings by Huguette Desault May: Umbillicus and The Core. ODHS Purchase

2016.16 Four pieces of Bowhead Whale Baleen. Gift of the Family of Donald M. Schell

2016.17 Two DVDs & One VHS tape: Manuel Domingues – Whaling, A Personal History. Includes other Cape Verdean whaleman’s stories. Gift of William do Carmo

2016.18 Tasmanian Airline Poster featuring the Lagoda model at the Whaling Museum, New Bedford. C. 1965. ODHS Purchase

2016.19 Approximately 300 bound volumes, slides, audio recordings, papers, and miscellany from the estate of Richard (Dick) Kugler. Gift of the Kugler Family

2016.20 Collection of ephemera from the Whaling Film Corporation including correspondence, stock certificates, and receipts. Also two programs from the 1922 world premiere of Down to the Sea in Ships. Gift of Harvey A. Fenton

2016.21 Five Milton K. Delano notecards. Gift of Mary Jean Blasdale

2016.22 Two sperm whale teeth engraved with “C. W. Morgan” by William Perry, second generation scrimshander, one sperm whale tooth engraved by unknown artist, possibly incomplete and a set of ivory and metal chess pieces. Gift of Francis F. Levin

2016.24 Hexacopter. Gift of Don Leroy

2016.25 1904 New Bedford Friends Meeting House clock made by the Waterbury Clock Co., Connecticut. ODHS Purchase with funds from The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation

2016.26 Azorean azulejos tile mosaic, and pedra de lavoura from Sao Miguel. Non-accessioned installation. ODHS Purchase with funds from The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation

2016.27 Draft of Charles W. Morgan: the Ship, the Model by John D. Wilson includes photographs and manuscript notes relating to the building of the his Charles W. Morgan model. Gift of Richard Donnelly

2016.28 One scratch-built model of section (main deck) of Lagoda made by Charles Cook, 2016. Gift of Charles J. Cook

2016.31 Genever style clay bottle found off George’s Bank around 1990. Gift of Mark & Richard Nunes

2016.32 Whaleship model in case, probably sailor built. Gift of Elizabeth A. Mills in Memory of Roger E. Mills and Albert E. Mills

2016.33 Collection of papers, ephemera, and photographs from the Swift and Washburn families of New Bedford. Gift of Priscilla Swift Little

2016.34 First day postal cover cancellation, Greater New Bedford Stamp Exhibition 1969 YMCA, First Whalers in Hawaii Sesquicentennial commemorative. “Southern Right” 2014 Pinotage of South Africa bottle with illustrated whale on label and cork. One box of 10 individually packaged three prong electrical outlets, made by Paul John I. Paulding Inc., subsidiary of Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated New Bedford. Gift of D. Jordan Berson

2016.35 Red wine glass, white wine glass and bowl made by the Pairpoint Manufacturing Company, New Bedford. Gift of Gerry Lenfest

2016.36 Morse Twist Drill ephemera and notebooks of Private Gilbert R. Medeiros. Gift of Irene A. Medeiros

2016.37 Whaling journal of Leander Smith onboard ship Benjamin Tucker of New Bedford, 1846-1849; bark Mattapoisett of Westport 1853-1854 and bark D. Franklin of Westport, 1855-1856. Associated papers including clippings and a land deed. Gift of Martha Glynn

2016.38 Two collograph prints by Kathleen Piercefield: Affidavit and The Women of New Bedford: Captains’ Wives. Also Queequeg in his own proper person, an eight-piece multimedia on canvas. Gift of Elizabeth Schultz

2016.39 Charcoal canvas board diptych by Pedro Albuquerque, visiting guest artist to the Center for Portuguese Studies. Gift of Pedro Albuquerque

2016.40 Five boxes of research notes. Gift of John Bockstoce

2016.42 Four birdseye architectural renderings (possibly insurance co. files) of New Bedford facilities /mills: Hill and Cutler Co. and Neild Manufacturing Co. Gift of Don and Mary Boger

2016.43 Oil on canvas painting of Capt. William Claghorn. Gift of Robert Claghorn

2016.44 Eight pieces of scrimshaw including a small file, miniature chalice and candlestick, top, block, seam rubber, small picture frame, and baleen knife (toy). Gift of Karen Davis

2016.45 Fifteen Bills of Sale for shares of whaleships to Joseph Knowles. Gift of the family of Joseph Knowles Milliken

2016.46 Bound volume: Letters of the Late John Thorpe, a Quaker text inscribed by Cornelius Grinnell, 1821. Gift of Martha Merino

2016.47 Carte de visite photo album compiled by Abby Taber Hunt including early Methodists, Howland, Hathaway, Gordon, Hunt, and Taber families. Gift of the Descendants of Abby Taber Hunt

2016.48 Nine books: Publisher’s hardbound volume of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. XVII, 1858 Publisher’s hardbound volume of Godey’s Lady’s Book, Vol XXXVII, Scottish Arctic Whaling, 2016, The Arctic Whaleman, 1857, Historic Nantucket Vol 66, No. 1, 2016, Art and Eskimo Power: The Life and Times of Alaskan Howard Rock, 1988, Neeluk: An Eskimo Boy in the Days of Whaling Ships, Nautical Antiques, 1994. Gift of Stuart M. Frank

2016.49 Two miniature two-bladed folding pocket knives with bone handles. Gift of Ruth Alma Luikart (nee: Nye) Family

2016.50 Whaling journal kept on whaleship Canton, 1866-70, Spade mounted on wooden shaft, stamped W. Johnson, five pieces scrimshaw: a sperm whale tooth picturing whaleship Phebe, a panbone plaque with unidentified large three-masted vessel, a crochet hook, a lady’s leg finial or pommel, a small unfinished octagonal pommel. Gift of Barry G. Beale and Nathan O. Beale

2016.51 1815 calf bound bible with recorded births and deaths of Gifford, Hathaway, and other prominent local family names. Inscribed as a gift to Lydia Gardner from Capt. William Davidson Bolton. Gift of Connie O’Neil

2016.52 Set of six full-color prints of famous boats that were sailed alone around the world, lithographed from original paintings in the International Historical Watercraft Collection by Melbourne Smith. One page letter from Ephraim Peabody to Rev. Andrew Bigelow, Taunton, dated New Bedford August 26, 1842, in regard to Major G. Tochman of Poland. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Mel Yoken

2016.53 Large-scale model of a mid-19th century brigantine rigged whaling ship. It is a Class A model with all parts made from scratch. Gift of James and Brenda McCabe

2016.55 Cart top basket made at the Museum on June 11, 2016 as part
New Bedford’s “Day of Portugal” celebration. Gift of Manuel Azevedo

2016.57 Blueprint, half-hull model, and photograph of Amalazota, a 43’ Aux. Sloop developed from the New Bedford Whaleboat (specifically modeled after ODHS 1916.33.1), built by Palmer Scott & Co. boat builders, New Bedford for Mr. Calvin Tomkins Jr. in 1938. Gift of Richard Tomkins

2016.58 Custom cocktail table. New Bedford Harbor Scene diorama featuring a ship hove down, by noted scrimshaw artist, Kenneth Sprague. ODHS Purchase

2016.59 Rococo wall shelf, pasteboard plaster and wood labelled: Marvin, New Bedford. Souvenir package of “10 genuine photographs of Rock O’ Dundee Camp in South Dartmouth, Mass”. Gift of Jennifer and Elton Hall

2016.60 Hand colored photograph of an iron hulled packet in New Bedford Harbor, ca. 1907. Gift of Margaret and John Xifaras

2016.61 Tied on the Bight, 2016 glazed ceramic by Julia Mandle. ODHS Purchase with funds donated by Francis Levin

2016.62 “General Average and Salvage Loss: Whaling Bark Laconia, 1879” and four greeting cards with original art of whaleship scenes by Wetmore Livesley. Gift of Major F.I. Rees

2016.63 Twelve New Bedford Christmas ornaments issued by Downtown New Bedford Inc. and collected by donor’s father George Silva dated 1990 – 2002. Gift of Stephen Silva in Memory of George Silva

2016.64 The Catalpa Expedition by Z.W. Pease, inscribed by Col. Green at Round Hill. Gift of Paul Hughes

2016.65 1919 Scrapbook regarding Battery D compiled by Grace Anthony for Roger Eckfeldt (World War I). Gift of Linda Harding, granddaughter of Roger Eckfeldt

2016.66 Letter written by James B. Wood, dated June 27, 1854, addressed to Captain Ezra T. Howland onboard the ship Midus of New Bedford, letter written by Captain William R. Allyn onboard the ship Rodman, dated September 6, 1842, addressed to his wife, Mary Brownell Allyn, letter written by Mary Brownell Allyn, dated May 16, 1845, addressed to her husband, Captain William R. Allyn while in New Bedford. Map of the South Atlantic published in England in 1833. Gift of Douglas R. Crane

2016.67 Digital copy (CD-ROM) of a partial journal kept by Charles Jaques onboard the ship Euphrates, 1857-1861, captained by William Heath with accompanying hard copy printout of the partial journal’s contents. Gift of Ken Kopec

2016.68 Whaling journal, Bark Rajah of New Bedford, Henry West – Master. Benjamin Clough, keeper [May] June 8, 1839 – March 7, 1840. whaling journal, ship Sharon of Fairhaven, Hoews Norris [or Narris] Master. Benjamin Clough, third mate, keeper, May 25, 1841 – August 6, 1844. Incomplete sperm and right whaling voyage to the Pacific Ocean. Includes primary accounts of the mutiny on board the Sharon. Gift of John, Bradford and Marston Clough

2016.69 Large collection of tools previously owned by David B. Reynolds, aka “Captain Dave” who used these tools in the building of Lagoda in 1916. Gift of Dale Baird in memory of his friend, Ken Reynolds, grandson of “Captain Dave”

2016.70 Taber Plane Co. of New Bedford (1868-72) locking document box from the collection of Mr. Donald Wing, Marion. Gift of Barbara and Sanford Moss

2016.71 Four original framed drawings by scrimshaw artist Gary Tonkin depicting the Fenian rescue by the Catalpa. Gift of Gary Tonkin

2016.72 Hand-painted plywood sign from New Bedford Co-op Assn. Inc. Seafood Fuel & Ice Division Office. Gift of Thomas A. McManmon

2016.73 C. DeMontigny oil painting of wharf scene from the estate of William Tripp. Gift of Vicki Newbold

2016.75 Mandolin and case, carried by John M. de Barros in 1925 when he emigrated from Cape Verde. Gift in memory of John M. and Louise Costa Barros by the Barros Family

2016.77 Portuguese Scrimshawed Sperm Whale Tooth, stipple engraved with 1906 – 1908 advertisement for the “Domestic Mangle” laundry wringing device. Gift of Edward Blake Morgan

2016.78 Complete Folkloric outfit of Minho, northern Portugal. Gift of the Museum of Madeiran Heritage

2016.79 Ten tinted 4×6 photographs (reprints) of the auxiliary-steam whaler Eclipse of Dundee (Scotland), 1888, A Natural History of the Antarctic Peninsula, 1995, by Sanford Moss, text in Japanese, People’s Lives and Whaling in Taiji, A Whaling Town in Wakayama. Gift of Stuart M. Frank

2016.80 Chart of the Sea of Okhotsk, 1855. Gift of Captain David Dandridge

2016.81 Watercolor on paper: The Ship William & Eliza Capt. David Paddock
In Latts 57 30 S In Long 70-W. ODHS Purchase

2016.82 Amberina Diamond-Quilted Footed Compote made by the Mount Washing-ton Glass Works in New Bedford, ca. 1884. Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Stuart P. Feld

2016.83 Cephas Thompson’s Memorandum of Portraits. Gift of Elton W. Hall

2016.84 French knot book, Manuel Des Travaux a L’aiuille; 1914, Paris. Donor is grandson of Clifford Ashley. Gift of Marc Chardon

2016.86 Glazed ceramic bust of Queequeg by Monica Namyar. Gift of Elizabeth Shultz

2016.87 A Guide for Young Shepherds; or Facts and Observations on the Character
and Value of Merino Sheep by Samuel Bard MD, published by Collins & Co., New York in 1811, formerly belonging to Stephen Hathaway Jr., brother of whaling businessman Humphrey Hathaway. Gift of Sarah Forbes

2016.88 Archive of 14 documents from the Arctic whaleship Helen Mar, including business papers that document the ship’s commercial activities and one letter giving details of the 1868 San Francisco earthquake. ODHS Purchase

2016.89 Lot of ephemera including New Bedford postcards, Whaling Museum literature, Seamen’s Bethel, and Clifford Ashley related material, includes two first day cover postal cancellations. Gift of David Taylor

Last modified: November 30, 2017