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two boys standing the mast with binoculars

Standing the Mast

Crew members stood at the top of the mast looking for whales. When whales came to the surface to breathe, whalers saw the spray and shouted “Thar she blows!”

Why did whalers shout when they spotted a whale?

When cries of “Thar she blows” were heard, all hands on deck raced to lower the whaleboats and swiftly rowed or sailed out in pursuit of the whale. Enough lollygagging now! Pick up the binoculars and get back to work. Find a whale!

Why does the topmast have rings to stand in?

Think about it—why are there seatbelts in cars?

illustration of man standing the mast

Want to learn more?

Visit the whaleship Lagoda in the Bourne Building and a Yankee whaleboat in the exhibition “Whales Today.”
Exhibition: Lagoda–The Largest Ship Model in Existence and Exhibition: Whales Today