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Inventory of the Brown Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research LibraryProcessed by: Judith N. Downey; machine-readable finding aid created by: Kermit DeweyInventory of the Brown Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

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Inventory of the Brown Family Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Brown Family Papers
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Brown family
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Mss 91
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Personal papers and military records of a New Bedford, Massachusetts, family, 1800-1954.
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Historical Note

John Cheney Brown (1828-1865) of New Bedford, Massachusetts, served in the Civil War and died during the battle of Fort Blakely in Alabama. His widow died a few months later leaving three orphaned children. Caroline Elizabeth Brown Mackenzie (1852- 1922), Edward Sisson Brown (1854-1938), and Horace Manchester Brown (1857-1929) were raised by their grandfather, William Howland Taylor (1800-1880). Edward S. Brown became a banker in New Bedford and his brother Horace M. became a doctor in Michigan.

Edward S. Brown married Mary Elizabeth Gardner (1863-1952) in 1890 and they had one child, Frances Gardner Brown (b. 1891). Frances married David Stewart Hendrick (1886-1952) in 1912. He was an automobile dealer in the Washington, D.C. area. They had two children: Janet Brown (1912-1934) and David Stewart III (b. 1914). They divorced in 1925 and Frances remarried in 1934 to Warren Whitehead. David Stewart Hendrick III served as an ambulance driver for the American Field Service in the Near East during World War II, 1939-1945.

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Scope and Content Note

Papers in this collection reflect the activities of members of the Brown and Hendrick families of New Bedford, Massachusetts, between 1800-1954. The material concentrates on Edward Sisson Brown, his wife, Mary Elizabeth Gardner Brown, and their grandson, David Stewart Hendrick III. Papers for Edward S. Brown consist of correspondence, legal documents, bills, receipts, genealogies, clippings, and miscellany, 1884-1934. His correspondence, 1884-1934, concerns his father, John C. Brown, and his service in the Civil War, as well as family matters and property for sale. Legal documents, 1890-1919, consist of birth and marriage certificates, a cemetery deed and bank stock certificates. The bills and receipts, 1900-1912, include those for household furnishings and for his daughter's wedding. The final series, 1890-1938, contains two Brown family genealogies with one compiled by his sister, Caroline E. B. Mackenzie, a plat of property on County St. in New Bedford, a citation from fellow bank employees, wedding announcements, and clippings.

Papers for Mary Elizabeth Gardner Brown consist of correspondence, legal documents, diary accounts, an inventory and miscellany from the years 1864-1954. Her correspondence, 1937-1938, 1947, concerns test results on drinking water and family matters. Legal documents, 1933, 1953, consist of a copy of her birth and death certificates. The final series, spanning the years 1864-1954, contains a diary account of the activities of her daughter, Frances, kept by Mary as well as a household inventory of the cottage at Meadow Shores along with annual summaries of summers spent at the cottage, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Also included in that series is a high school certificate, a marriage announcement, a bill, a receipt, a memorial card, and clippings.

Papers for David Stewart Hendrick III consist of correspondence, military orders and passes, bills, receipts, clippings, and miscellany from the military service, 1926-1944. His correspondence, 1942-1944, describes his experiences and travels as an ambulance driver for the American Field Service in the Near East during World War II, 1939-1945. The military orders, passes, bills, receipts, clippings, and miscellany all reflect his activities in the service, 1942-1944. The additional clippings relate to Hendrick's involvement in a puppet theater, the Trimount Theater Co., as a child.

Also represented by materials in the collection are other Brown family members as well as relatives by marriage. Papers for Caroline Elizabeth Brown Mackenzie contain correspondence and genealogies, spanning the years 1884-1914. Her correspondence, 1884-1914, are to her brothers regarding family matters and genealogical research. The genealogies, 1885-1914, include research notes and two copies of the Brown family genealogy compiled by Elizabeth and presented to her brother, Horace in 1888 and 1914. Papers for Frances Gardner Brown Hendrick Whitehead consist of legal documents, clippings, wedding memorabilia, and miscellany for the years 1894-1933. The legal documents of 1912 and 1933, include copies of her birth certificate and one for her daughter Janet, her marriage certificate and divorce decree. The wedding memorabilia includes clippings and a bride's book, 1912 and there is also a vaccination certificate, 1894.

There are also papers for William Howland Taylor, Horace Manchester Brown, and David Stewart Hendrick. Taylor's papers consist of correspondence, 1879-1880, written to his grandson, Horace M. Brown, while the latter was in Michigan regarding family matters. Brown's papers consist of correspondence, 1882-1927, written to his brother Edward S. Brown and family and one to Brown from Enrique Toriello after Brown's visit to Guatemala. Hendrick's papers contain a ticket book for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, and clippings including his obituary, 1912-1952.

The final series in this collection contains genealogies and miscellaneous family papers, 1800-1952. The genealogies include two copies of the Brown family genealogy, research notes and heraldic material on the Brown and Gardner families, ca. 1890-1952. The miscellaneous family papers include correspondence, poetry, and recipes for punch, 1800-1915. The correspondence, 1864-1915, includes letters regarding John Cheney Brown's service in the Civil War, as well as letters written to Walton Ricketson (1839-1923), 1911-1915.

Materials in this collection have been organized into Sub-groups representing members of the Brown family along with other individuals related by marriage. The Sub-groups have been listed in chronological order by the date of birth of the individual. Researchers should note that the Hendrick gift is extensive and includes: furniture, household goods, books, and photographs. Researchers can find a complete inventory in the Curatorial Department in file 84-18.

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Removed to Photographs Collection

- 16 negatives of photos of David Hendrick III in American Field Service in Near East, 1942.
- 1 photograph of David Hendrick III beside his ambulance in Near East.
- 2 photographs of the Trimount Theater Co., 1927.
- 1 photograph of woman in Red Cross uniform, ca. 1942. 4 copies.
- 3 unidentified photographs -- a baby in christening gown; profile of young boy; older man on beach.

Removed to Printed Collection

- 1938 Hurricane Pictures . . . New Bedford and Vicinity, 2nd ed., 1938.
- 1938 Hurricane Pictures From Falmouth to Fall River. . . New Bedford, 1938.
- Brown, Horace Manchester; Must the History of Syphillis be Rewritten, 1917.
- Butts, I.R. The Merchant's and Mechanic's Assistant . . . , 1856.
- The Complete Historical Record of New England's Stricken Area, 1938.
- Famous Fleets in New Bedford's History, 1939. 2 copies.
- The Great Hurricane and Tidal Wave -- R. I. 1938, 1938.
- Hurricane 1954, 1954.
- Hurricane - Southeastern Massachusetts -- Sept. 14, 1944, 1944.
- Jenkins, John. The Art of Writing, Book I, 1791. William H. Taylor's copy, 1806.

Removed to Ephemera Collection

- 14 unused envelopes with satirical Civil War motifs. (Postal ephemera)

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The materials in this collection were donated to the Old Dartmouth Historical Society by David S. Hendrick III on 24 April 1984.

Processing Information

Processed by: Judith M. Downey, 25 November 1988

Encoded by: Kermit Dewey, 23 April 2012

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Please Consult Research Library for Detailed Description of Collection

Sub-group 1: William Howland Taylor Papers, 1879-1880 [6 items]
Sub-group 2: Caroline Elizabeth Brown Mackenzie Papers, 1884-1914 [15 items]
Correspondence and genealogies.
Sub-group 3: Edward Sisson Brown Papers, 1884-1938 [2 inches]
Correspondence, legal documents, bills and receipts, genealogies, clippings and miscellany.
Sub-group 4: Horace Manchester Brown Papers, 1882, 1924, 1927 [4 items]
Sub-group 5: Mary Elizabeth Gardner Brown Papers, 1864, 1879, 1890-1912, ca.1915, 1930-1949, 1953-1954 [1.5 inches]
Correspondence, legal documents, diary accounts, inventory and miscellany.
Sub-group 6: David Stewart Hendrick Papers, 1904, 1912, ca.1930, 1952 [5 items]
Clippings and miscellany.
Sub-group 7: Frances Gardner Brown Hendrick Whitehead Papers, 1894, 1912, 1925, 1931, 1933 [16 items]
Legal documents, clippings and miscellany.
Sub-group 8: David Stewart Hendrick III Papers, 1926-1927, 1942-1944 [2.5 inches]
Correspondence, military orders and passes, bills and receipts, clippings and miscellany from military service and clippings.
Sub-group 9: Genealogies, Notes and Miscellaneous Family Papers, 1800, ca.1855, 1863, 1874, ca.1890, ca.1895, ca.1900-ca.1925, 1952 [35 items]
Genealogies, genealogical notes, correspondence, poetry and recipes.

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Subject Headings

Ambulance drivers--Near East--Correspondence, reminiscences, etc.
American Field Service
Bankers--Mass.--New Bedford
Brown family
Brown, Edward Sisson, 1854-1938
Brown, Horace Manchester, 1857-1929
Brown, John Cheney, 1828-1865
Brown. Mary Elizabeth Gardner. 1863-1952
Family--Mass.--New Bedford
Hendrick, David Stewart, 1886-1952
Hendrick, David Stewart, 1914-
Mackenzie, Caroline Elizabeth Brown, 1852-1922
Meadow Shores, South Dartmouth, Mass.
Near East--Description and travel
Ricketson, Walter, 1839-1923
Taylor, William Howland, 1800-1880
Trimount Theater Co., New Bedford,Mass.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Correspondents
Weddings--Mass.--New Bedford
Whitehead, Francis Gardner Brown Hendrick, b. 1891
World War, 1939-1945--Civilian relief
World War, 1939-1945--Medical and sanitary affairs
World War, 1939-1945--Near East
World War, 1939-1945--War work--American Field Service

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