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Inventory of the Ship's Papers Collection In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research LibraryProcessed by: Patricia J. Albright and Judith Downey, with assistance from Margaret Brightman, Barbara Groves, Henry Kettell, and Henry Sherman; machine-readable finding aid created by: Mark ProcknikFunds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.Inventory of the Ship's Papers Collection In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

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Inventory of the Ship's Papers Collection

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Ship's Papers
Date Span:
New Bedford Whaling Museum
Mss Number:
Mss 79
12 linear feet
Financial, customs, consular records, correspondence, legal documents, sail plans, and similar records, chiefly relating to whaling and merchant vessels that sailed from New Bedford, Massachusetts, and nearby ports, 1771-1927
New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
Phone: (508) 997-0046

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains account books and other financial records, customs, and conular documents, business correspondence, insurance policies, bills of sale, sail plans, and similar records relating to whalers, merchant and cargo ships, and other types of vessels that were in service between 1771-1927. Many of these vessels belonged to whaling agents and merchants whoc resided in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and nearby towns, including Boston, Dartmouth, Edgartown, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, and Westport. Also represented by documents in this collection are vessels which sailed from Honolulu, Hawaii, Nantucket, Mass., New York City, N.Y., Newport adn Warren, Rhode Island, and San Francisco, California, as well as from ports in Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. In addition, these materials include several manuscripts which concern British, Canadian, and German vessels.

More than half of the records in this collection relate to voyages of whalers which sailed from New Bedford, Mass., and vicinity between 1795-1927. These documents include agent/owner accounts, bills, and receipts erflecting the expenses and profits of whaling voyages; outfitting books; crew accounts; Sea Letters, Whalemen's Shipping Papers, contracts, writs, correspondence, pages from logbooks, and other records concerning seamen who served on these vessels; insurance policies and bills of sale; protests and surveys, usually relating to storm damage to whalers; and notices regarding the adjustement of marine insurance claims following the loss of vessels, particularly due to the Arctic Disaster of 1871. These records are supplemented by manifests, freight lists, bills of lading, and memoranda generated by the transport of whale-oil and whalebone on cargo ships that usually sailed from Honolulu, Hawaii, to New Bedford. As a whole, these materials constitute business records of numerous Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, New Bedford, and Westport, Mass., whaling agents, including Jonathan Bourne Jr., Gideon Allen & Son, Andrew Hicks, I. H. Bartlett & Sons, J. Holmes Jr. and Brother, Edward Coffin Jones, L. Kollock & Son, Thomas Luce, S. Thomas & Company, Swift & Allen, Swift & Perry, and Isaiah Franklin Terry.

The remaining records in this collection prinicpally concern voyages of merchant ships which sailed from American ports between 1771-1895. Many of these vessels were engaged in the coastwise trade between New England, New York City, and states to the south, particularly Virginia. Other records reflect voyages from Boston, New Bedford, New York City, Newport, San Francisco, and elswhere to ports in the West Indies, South America, Europe, and Asia, especially those in Brazil, England, Sweeden, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Russia. These documents consist of customs records such as crew lists, manifests, certificates of ownership and registry, clearance papers, and permits to discharge cargo; bills of sale, insurance policies, and charter-parties; bills of exchange and lading; protests and financial accounts relating to damage to or the loss of cargoes and vessels; sail plans; and bills and receipts. Prominent New Bedford, Mass., merchants represented by these records include: James Arnold, Nathan Chase, Warren Delano, Humphrey, Nathaniel, and Thomas Sculyer Hathaway, George Howland Sr., James Howland II, John Howland Jr., Joseph Howland, George Hussey, John Avery Parker, Benjamin Rodman, Samuel Rodman Sr. and Jr., Joseph Rotch, William Rotch Sr. and Jr., William Rodman Rotch, and Seth Russell & Sons.

This collection also contains records of several pilot boats, lighthouse tenders, a salvage vessel, and a United States naval ship dating from 1837-1885. Notable among these documents are correspondence, agreements, financial accounts, and memoranda relating to the activities of the pilot boats Favorite of Tisbury, Mass., 1837-1842, and Penekese of New Bedford, Mass., 1869-1877, and a roll book giving the names, stations, and service dates of soldiers who manned the Delaware (Ship) during the Civil War.

Materials in this collection are arranged in alphabetical Series and Sub-series according to the name and rig of individual vessels. Descriptions of records pertaining to each vessel include the names of home port(s) and agents or principal owners, whenever this information has been found.

Arrangement of Collection

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Accession records indicate that most of the materials in this collection were given to the Old Dartmouth Historical Society by many different donors between 1903-1981. In addition, several items were purchased from manuscript dealers during the same period.

Processing Information

Processed by: Patricia J. Albright and Judith Downey; with assistance from Margaret Brightman, Barbara Groves, Henry Kettell, and Henry Sherman, ca. 1982

Encoded by: Mark Procknik, 09 May 2012

Funds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Please Consult Research Library for Detailed Description of Collection

Series A: A. J. Pope (Bark) - Awashonks (Bark), 1771-1925
Series B: B. F. Hoxie (Ship) - By Chance (Brig), 1806-1899
Series C: Canada (Ship) - Crowninshield (Bark), 1787-1918
Series D: Daniel Webster (Ship) - Dunbarton (Bark), 1804-1863
Series E: E. B. Phillips (Bark) - Experiment (Sloop), 1771-1925
Series F: Fame (Sloop) - Franklin 2d (Bark), 1801-1889
Series G: Galatea (Ship) - Grey Hound (Bark), 1811-1906
Series H: H. H. McGilvey (Brig) - Hydaspe (Ship), 1793-1892
Series I: Ida D. Rogers (Brig) - Islander (Bark), 1813-1860
Series J: J. L. Berry (Schooner) - Juno (Brig), 1804-1927
Series K: Kathay (Ship) - King Fisher (Ship), 1852-1855
Series L: Ladoga (Ship) - Lydia (Ship), 1795-1894
Series M: Majestic (Ship) - Mountain Wave (Ship), 1801-1896
Series N: Nancy (Schooner) - Norwester (Ship), 1809-1878
Series O: Ocean (Bark) - Otago (Ship), 1805-1876
Series P: Pacific (Bark) - Prudent (Brig), 1784-1917
Series Q: Queen Mab (Bark) - Quito (Brig), 1827, 1836
Series R: R. W. Wood (Bark) - Russell (Ship), 1801-1875
Series S: Sacramento (Bark) - Syren (Ship), 1802-1893
Series T: Telegraph (Schooner) - Tropic Bird (Bark), 1798-1885
Series U: Uncas (Ship) - [Unidentified Vessel], 1817-ca. 1895
Series V: Valkyria (Schooner) - Viking (Ship), 1802-1918
Series W: Walker (Ship) - Winslow (Ship), 1800-1913
Series Y: Yorick (Ship) - Young Turk (Ship), 1858-1859
Series Z: Zephyr (Ship), 1842, 1849

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Subject Headings

Account books--Fairhaven, Mass.--1837-1874
Account books--New Bedford, Mass.--1850-1894
Account books--Westport, Mass.--1826-1878
Actions and defenses--Mass.--Bristol County
Allen family
Allen, Gideon, 1791-1878
Allyn family
Anthony family
Arctic Disaster, 1871
Arnold, James, 1781-1868
Baker family
Bartlett, Ivory Hovey, ca. 1795-1871
Bills of sale--Mass.
Bills of sale--Mass.
Bills of sale--Mass.--New Bedford
Bills of sale--Mass.--New Bedford
Boats and boating--Mass.
Boston, Mass.--Commerce
Bourne, Jonathan, Jr, 1811-1889
Brownell, William O., 1818-ca. 1879
Business records--Calif.--San Francisco
Business records--Conn.--New London
Business records--Hawaii--Honolulu
Business records--Mass.
Business records--Mass.--Boston
Business records--Mass.--Dartmouth
Business records--Mass.--Edgartown
Business records--Mass.--Fairhaven
Business records--Mass.--Fall River
Business records--Mass.--Mattapoisett
Business records--Mass.--Nantucket
Business records--Mass.--New Bedford
Business records--Mass.--Westport
Business records--N.Y.--New York City
Business records--R.I--Warren
Business records--R.I.
Business records--R.I.--Newport
Businessmen--Mass.--New Bedford
Cannon family
Capture at sea
Cargo ships--Hawaii--Honolulu
Cargo ships--Mass.--Boston
Cargo ships--Mass.--New Bedford
Cargo ships--N.Y.--New York City
Chace family
Charles Hitch & Son, New Bedford, Mass.
Charles R. Tucker & Company, New Bedford, Mass.
Chase family
Chase, Nathan, 1812-1891
Clark family
Coastwise shipping--Mass.--Boston
Coastwise shipping--Mass.--New Bedford
Coastwise shipping--N.Y.--New York City
Coastwise shipping--R.I.
Coffin family
Coffin, David, ca. 1776-1837
Consular documents
Contracts--Mass.--New Bedford
Crapo, William Wallace, 1830-1926
Crowell family
Customs administration--Hawaii--Honolulu
Customs administration--Mass.
Customs administration--Mass.--Boston
Customs administration--Mass.--New Bedford
Customs administration--N.Y.--New York City
Customs administration--R.I.
Dartmouth, Mass.--Commerce
Davis family
Deaths at sea
Delano family
Delano, Warren, 1779-1866
Edgartown, Mass.--Commerce
Eldredge family
Eldridge family
Fairhaven, Mass.--Commerce
Fall River, Mass.--Commerce
Freight and freightage--Hawaii--Honolulu
Freight and freightage--Mass.--New Bedford
Freight and freightage--N.Y.--New York City
Gardner family
Gibbs family
Gibbs, Alexander, ca. 1799-1857
Gideon Allen & Son, New Bedford, Mass.
Gifford family
Gifford, Abner B., 1784-1847
Grinnell family
Hathaway family
Hathaway, Humphrey, 1765-1821
Hathaway, Nathaniel, 1798-1836
Hathaway, Thomas, Sculyer, 1796-1878
Hicks, Andrew, 1799-1895
Hitch family
Honolulu, Hawaii--Commerce
Howland family
Howland, Cornelius S., 1780-1842
Howland, Edward Wing, 1804-1879
Howland, George Jr., 1806-1892
Howland, George Sr., 1781-1852
Howland, Gideon Jr., 1770-1847
Howland, James 2nd, 1883-1861
Howland, John Jr. 1782-1852
Howland, Joseph, 1762-1839
Howland, Timothy, b. 1816
Hussey, George, 1791-1868
I. H. Bartlett & Sons, New Bedford
Insurance companies--Mass.--Boston
Insurance companies--Mass.--New Bedford
Insurance, Marine--Mass.--Boston--Policies
Insurance, Marine--Mass.--New Bedford--Adjustment of claims
Insurance, Marine--Mass.--New Bedford--Policies
Issac Howland Jr., & Co., New Bedford, Mass.
J. & J. Howland, New Bedford, Mass.
J. B. Wood & Co., New Bedford, Mass.
Jones, Edward Coffin, 1805-1880
Josiah Holmes Jr., & Brother, Mattapoisett, Mass.
Kempton family
Kempton, David Batchelder, 1818-1899
Kollock, Lemuel Marcellus, 1830-1887
Kollock, Lemuel, 1799-1888
L. Kollock & Son, New Bedford, Mass.
Law--Mass.--Bristol County--Cases
Lawyers--Mass.--New Bedford
Lighthouse tenders
Luce, Thomas, 1827-1911
Lumber trade--Mass.
Lumber trade--Mass.--New Bedford
Macy family
Marine animal oils
Marine protests
Mattapoisett, Mass.--Commerce
Maxfield, Edmund, 1806-1876
Merchant marine--Mass.
Merchant marine--Mass.--New Bedford
Merchant marine--N.Y.--New York City
Merchant marine--R.I.
Merchant seamen--Mass.
Merchant seamen--Mass.--Fairhaven
Merchant seamen--Mass.--Fairhaven--Salaries, pensions, etc.
Merchant seamen--Mass.--Mattapoisett
Merchant seamen--Mass.--New Bedford
Merchant seamen--Mass.--New Bedford--Salaries, pensions, etc.
Merchant seamen--Mass.--Westport
Merchant seamen--Mass.--Westport--Salaries, pensions, etc.
Merchant seamen--R.I.
Merchant ships--Mass.
Merchant ships--Mass.--Boston
Merchant ships--Mass.--Dartmouth
Merchant ships--Mass.--Fairhaven
Merchant ships--Mass.--New Bedford
Merchant ships--N.Y.--New York City
Merchant ships--R.I.
Merchants--Mass.--New Bedford
Merchants--N.Y.--New York City
Nantucket, Mass.--Commerce
New Bedford, Mass.--Commerce
New London, Conn.--Commerce
New York (City)--Commerce
Newport, R.I.--Commerce
Nye Family
Nye, Gideon, 1786-1875
Parker family
Parker, John Avery, 1769-1853
Perry family
Pierce family
Pilot boats--Mass.
Randall family
Ricketson family
Robeson, Andrew, 1787-1862
Robinson family
Rodman family
Rodman, Benjamin, 1794-1876
Rodman, Samuel Jr., 1792-1876
Rodman, Samuel Sr., 1753-1835
Rodman, William Rotch, 1786-1855
Rotch family
Rotch, Joseph, 1790-1839
Rotch, William Jr., 1759-1850
Rotch, William Rodman, 1788-1860
Russell family
S. Thomas & Co., New Bedford, Mass.
San Francisco, Calif.--Commerce
Sawin, Ezekiel, 1792-1870
Seabury family
Seth Russell & Sons, New Bedford, Mass.
Ship's papers
Shipmasters--Mass.--New Bedford
Shipping--Calif.--San Francisco
Shipping--Mass.--New Bedford
Shipping--N.Y.--New York City
Ships--Maintenance and repair
Shipwrecks--Mass.--New Bedford
Slocum family
Small family
Smith family
Soule family
Sowle family
Steamboats--N.Y.--New York City
Stoddard family
Swain family
Swift & Allen, New Bedford, Mass.
Swift & Perry, New Bedford, Mass.
Swift family
Swift, Jireh, 1771-1857
Swift, William Cole Nye, 1815-1892
T. S. & N. Hathaway, New Bedford, Mass.
Taber family
Taber, Read & Co., New Bedford, Mass.
Terry family
Terry, Isaiah Franklin, 1805-1896
Thomas Knowles & Co., New Bedford, Mass.
Thornton family
Tripp family
Tucker family
Tucker, Charles, 1824-1890
U.S.--Commerce--West Indies
U.S.--Diplomatic and consular service
Wareham, Mass.--Commerce
Warren, R.I.--Commerce
Watkins, William, 1814-1900
West Indies--Commerce--U.S.
West family
West, John Peckham, b. 1791
West, Simeon N., 1817-ca. 1900
Westport, Mass.--Commerce
Whaling--Conn.--New London
Whaling--Mass.--New Bedford
Whaling--Mass.--New Bedford--Agents
Wilcox family
Wilcox, William, ca. 1802-ca. 1862
Winslow family
Wood family

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Vessel Names

A. J. Pope (Bark)
Abigail (Sloop)
Abraham Barker (Ship)
Acapulco (Ship)
Addison (Ship)
Adeline Gibbs (Ship)
Alabama (Schooner)
Alcenus (Brig)
Aldasado (Schooner)
Alexander (Ship)
Alexander Barclay (Ship)
Alice (Sloop)
Alice Frazier (Bark)
Alonzo (Schooner)
Alpha (Bark)
Amelia (Schooner)
America II (Ship)
Amy Chase (Schooner)
Andrew Hicks (Bark)
Andrews (Bark)
Ann (Ship)
Ann Alexander (Ship)
Annawan (Bark)
Annawan (Brig)
Anne and Mary (Ship)
Annie Fairfax (Schooner)
Antarctic (Schooner)
Antelope (Bark)
Arab (Bark)
Arab (Ship)
Arctic (Ship)
Argus (Brig)
Arnolda (Ship)
Arthur V. S. Woodruff (Schooner)
Asperwill (Bark)
Athlete (Schooner)
Atlantic (Bark)
Atlantic (Ship)
Augusta (Schooner)
Augusta (Ship)
Augustine Kobbe (Bark)
Augustus (Ship)
Aurora (Schooner)
Auspicious (Ship)
Awashonks (Bark)
B. F. Hoxie (Ship)
Balaena (Bark)
Balaena (Ship)
Baltic (Bark)
Baltic (Ship)
Barclay (Bark)
Barclay (Ship)
Bartholomew Gosnold (Bark)
Beaver (Bark)
Bedford (Sloop)
Belle (Bark)
Benjamin F. Hunt Jr. (Bark)
Berkshire (Bark)
Bertha (Bark)
Betsey (Schooner)
Bhering (Bark)
Black Eagle (Bark)
Black Sea (Ship)
Bogota (Brig)
Boston (Sloop)
Braganza (Bark)
Braganza (Ship)
Bristol (Bark)
Bruce (Bark)
By Chance (Brig)
Canada (Ship)
Canton Packet (Ship)
Carolina (Ship)
Catalpa (Bark)
Cato (Brig)
Cavalier (Bark)
Ceylon (Ship)
Champion (Ship)
Chandler Price (Ship)
Chapin (Ship)
Charles (Ship)
Charles W. Morse (Schooner)
Charleston Packet (Bark)
Charleston Packet (Brig)
Clara L. Sparks (Schooner)
Claudia (Schooner)
Cleone (Bark)
Cleora (Bark)
Clifford Wayne (Ship)
Columbia (Schooner)
Columbus (Brig)
Comet (Brig)
Commerce (Brig)
Contest (Ship)
Copia (Ship)
Cora (Bark)
Coral (Bark)
Coral (Ship)
Corinthian (Sloop)
Cornelia (Bark)
Cossack (Bark)
Cossack (Ship)
Courser (Bark)
Cowper (Ship)
Crowninshield (Bark)
Daniel Wood (Bark)
Deborah (Brig)
Delaware (Ship)
Delos (Schooner)
Diana (Ship)
Dominga (Bark)
Dunbarton (Bark)
E. B. Phillips (Bark)
Eagle (Ship)
Edward Everett (Bark)
Edwin (Brig)
El Paso (Ship)
Eldorado (Schooner)
Eleanor B. Conwell (Schooner)
Electra (Ship)
Eliza (Bark)
Eliza Adams (Ship)
Eliza and Ella (Ship)
Elizabeth (Bark)
Elizabeth (Brig)
Elizabeth (Ship)
Elizabeth Allen (Ship)
Emeline (Schooner)
Emerald (Brig)
Emigrant (Schooner)
Emily (Sloop)
Emily Morgan (Ship)
Emma (Sloop)
Emma Clifton (Sloop)
Equator (Bark)
Era (Schooner)
Eugenia (Bark)
Eunice H. Adams (Brig)
Europa (Ship)
Exchange (Bark)
Experiment (Sloop)
Fame (Sloop)
Fanny (Bark)
Favorite (Pilot Boat)
Flora (Sloop)
Florence (Bark)
Florida (Bark)
Florida (Ship)
Flying Eagle (Ship)
Formosa (Ship)
Forrester (Ship)
Fortune (Bark)
Fortune (Brig)
Foster (Ship)
Frances (Ship)
Frances Henrietta (Bark)
Francis A. Barstow (Brig)
Franklin (Bark)
Franklin (Schooner)
Franklin II (Bark)
Galatea (Ship)
Galveston (Brig)
Ganges (Ship)
Garrone (Ship)
Gay Head (Bark)
Gay Head (Ship)
George (Bark)
George (Brig)
George (Ship)
George Howland (Ship)
George J. Jones (Schooner)
George Porter (Bark)
George Porter (Ship)
George S. Homer (Bark)
George Washington (Ship)
George and Martha (Bark)
George and Martha (Ship)
George and Mary (Bark)
Gertrude (Ship)
Gideon Howland (Ship)
Gleaner (Brig)
Globe (Bark)
Globe (Ship)
Globe (Sloop)
Golconda (Ship)
Golden Eagle (Ship)
Golden Fleece (Schooner)
Governor Carver (Bark)
Grand Turk (Ship)
Gratitude (Bark)
Greyhound (Bark)
H. H. McGilvey (Brig)
Hanna and Eliza (Ship)
Harbinger (Ship)
Harmony (Schooner)
Harmony (Sloop)
Harpooner (Ship)
Harriet (Ship)
Harvest (Bark)
Harvest (Ship)
Hattie E. Smith (Schooner)
Hector (Ship)
Helen Mar (Bark)
Henry H. Crapo (Bark)
Henry Lemuel (Schooenr)
Henry Taber (Bark)
Hepsa (Brig)
Herald (Ship)
Hercules (Ship)
Hermoine (Ship)
Hesper (Bark)
Hity Franklin (Schooner)
Homer (Brig)
Hope (Brig)
Hope (Ship)
Horatio (Brig)
Horatio (Schooner)
Howland (Ship)
Hudson (Sloop)
Hungarian (Bark)
Hunter (Bark)
Hunter (Ship)
Hussar (Ship)
Hydaspe (Ship)
Ida D. Rogers (Brig)
Illinois (Ship)
Independence (Ship)
Index (Sloop)
India (Ship)
Industry (Brig)
Industry (Schooner)
Isabella (Ship)
Islander (Bark)
J. L. Berry (Schooner)
James Allen (Bark)
James Allen (Ship)
James Munroe (Ship)
Janet (Bark)
Jasper (Bark)
Java (Ship)
Java II (Bark)
Jefferson (Ship)
John A. Robb (Bark)
John Carver (Bark)
John Coggeshall (Ship)
John Howland (Ship)
John P. West (Bark)
John R. Manta (Schooner)
John Wells (Bark)
Joseph Grinnell (Bark)
Josephine (Ship)
Junior (Ship)
Juno (Brig)
Juno (Schooner)
Kathay (Ship)
Kathleen (Bark)
King Fisher (Ship)
Lagoda (Bark)
Lagoda (Ship)
Lapwing (Ship)
Laura (Schooner)
Le Baron (Bark)
Leader (Bark)
Leader (Brig)
Leonidas (Bark)
Leonidas (Brig)
Lewis (Ship)
Lexington (Ship)
Libertina (Ship)
Lionip (Bark)
Lottie Beard (Schooner)
Lottie E. Cook (Schooner)
Louisa (Bark)
Louisa Sears (Bark)
Lydia (Ship)
Magnolia (Ship)
Majestic (Ship)
Manila (Ship)
Marcus (Ship)
Margaret Scott (Bark)
Maria (Ship)
Maria (Sloop)
Marquis of Huntly (Brig)
Martha (Bark)
Martha (Ship)
Martha Kendall (Brig)
Mary (Ship)
Mary Ann (Ship)
Mary Ann (Sloop)
Mary E. (Schooner)
Mary E. Simmons (Schooner)
Mary L. Sutton (Ship)
Mary Robinson (Ship)
Mary S. Ames (Bark)
Massachusetts (Bark)
Massachusetts (Ship)
Mentor (Brig)
Mercator (Ship)
Merlin (Bark)
Mermaid (Bark)
Mexico (Brig)
Midas (Ship)
Milwood (Bark)
Milwood (Ship)
Minerva (Bark)
Minerva (Brig)
Minerva (Ship)
Minerva Smyth (Ship)
Moctezuma (Ship)
Montezuma (Brig)
Montezuma (Ship)
Montgomery (Bark)
Montreal (Ship)
Morea (Ship)
Morning Light (Bark)
Morning Star (Bark)
Mount Wollaston (Bark)
Mountain Wave (Ship)
Nancy (Schooner)
Napoleon (Bark)
Natchez (Ship)
Naushon (Ship)
Nauticon (Ship)
Nautilus (Bark)
Nautilus (Ship)
New England (Ship)
Newark (Bark)
Nimble (Sloop)
Northern Light (Bark)
Norwester (Ship)
Ocean (Bark)
Ocean Rover (Bark)
Octavia (Brig)
Olympia (Ship)
Olympus (Brig)
Omega (Ship)
Ontario (Ship)
Onward (Ship)
Orbit (Sloop)
Origon (Ship)
Ormus (Brig)
Orozimbo (Brig)
Orray Taft (Bark)
Oscar (Bark)
Osmanli (Bark)
Ospray (Brig)
Otago (Ship)
Pacific (Bark)
Pacific (Ship)
Palanuras (Ship)
Pampero (Ship)
Pantheon (Ship)
Parachute (Ship)
Pedro Varela (Schooner)
Penekese (Schooner)
Petrel (Bark)
Phenix (Bark)
Phenix (Brig)
Phenix (Ship)
Phoebe Ann (Ship)
Pindus (Brig)
Pioneer (Bark)
Platina (Bark)
Plough Boy (Ship)
Pollock Ripp (Lighthouse Tender)
Polynesia (Ship)
Pomona (Sloop)
Porcia (Ship)
President (Bark)
President (Ship)
Protection (Brig)
Prudent (Brig)
Queen Mab (Bark)
Quito (Brig)
R. W. Wood (Bark)
Rainbow (Bark)
Relief (Lighthouse Tender)
Reporter (Sloop)
Resident (Brig)
Resolution (Sloop)
Robert Edwards (Ship)
Rodman (Brig)
Rodman (Sloop)
Roman (Bark)
Roman (Ship)
Rosa Baker (Brig)
Roscoe (Ship)
Rover (Ship)
Russell (Ship)
Sacramento (Bark)
Salmon P. Chase (Bark)
Samuel (Ship)
Samuel Robertson (Ship)
San Francisco (Ship)
Sarah (Bark)
Sarah (Brig)
Sarah (Ship)
Sarah B. Hale (Bark)
Sea Breeze (Bark)
Sea Fox (Bark)
Sea Nymph (Ship)
Sea Ranger (Bark)
Selma (Ship)
Sharon (Ship)
Shovelfull (Lighthouse Tender)
Skylark (Ship)
Smyrna (Bark)
Solon (Brig)
Sophia (Ship)
South Boston (Ship)
South Seamen (Ship)
Speedwell (Ship)
Splendid (Ship)
Stephania (Ship)
Sunbeam (Bark)
Susan (Schooner)
Swanwic (Ship)
Sylvia (Ship)
Syren (Ship)
Telegraph (Schooner)
Thomas Winslow (Brig)
Thorn (Schooner)
Three Brothers (Bark)
Three Brothers (Brig)
Three Brothers (Ship)
Timoleon (Ship)
Trader (Bark)
Tropic Bird (Bark)
Uncas (Ship)
Valkyria (Schooner)
Valparaiso (Bark)
Varnum H. Hill (Brig)
Venus (Ship)
Victoria (Brig)
Vigilant (Bark)
Viking (Ship)
Walker (Ship)
Walter Scott (Ship)
Wamsutta (Ship)
Wanderer (Bark)
War Hawk (Ship)
Wareham (Ship)
Warren (Bark)
Washington (Bark)
Washington (Ship)
Wavelet (Bark)
Waverly (Ship)
West Wind (Ship)
Whampoa (Ship)
Whistler (Bark)
William C. Nye (Ship)
William Penn (Sloop)
William Rotch (Ship)
William Thacher (Brig)
William Thompson (Ship)
William and Eliza (Ship)
William and Henry (Ship)
William and James (Bark)
Willis (Bark)
Windward (Ship)
Winslow (Ship)
Yorick (Ship)
Young Turk (Ship)
Zephyr (Ship)

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