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Inventory of the Henry Barnard Worth Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Henry Barnard Worth Papers
Date Span:
Henry Barnard Worth, 1858-1923
Mss Number:
Mss 59
7 linear feet
Chiefly legal documents and research notes of a New Bedford, Massachusetts, lawyer and historian, 1714-1942.
New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
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Biographical Note

Henry Barnard Worth, the son of Calvin G. Worth of Nantucket, Massachusetts, was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1858. After attending school in Nantucket and later at Amherst College, he taught school for four years. In 1885, he passed his bar exam and began practicing law in New Bedford, Mass., specializing in real estate law and devoting his spare time to historical and genealogical research. He was an active member of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, contributing numerous articles to the Society's published historical sketches, as well as serving as secretary of the organization from 1913 until his death in 1923.

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Scope and Content Note

Papers of particular note arranged in Sub-group 1 of this collection are notebooks he compiled probably between the years 1890 and 1915. These volumes contain transcripts of deeds and church, court, probate, school and town records for the island of Nantucket, Mass. along with such towns as Dartmouth, New Bedford, Acushnet, Freetown, Westport, and Fairhaven, Mass., as well as genealogical notes for the years 1598-1915. Many of the deed transcripts were collected as part of Worth's legal practice and were later used to supplement his research in local history.

Also of note among Worth's papers are correspondence, legal depositions, petitions, checks, genealogical notes, general notes, and similar material relating to his and Joseph B. Macy's prosecution of the French spoliation claims, dating 1847, 1885-1906. The bulk of the material relates to the claim of George E. Tuck (1838-1901) and the dispute between his heirs as to who was the legal heir. These materials are supplemented by incoming and outgoing personal correspondence, ca.1865-1922; legal cases, 1872-1915, consisting of briefs, correspondence, court dockets, bills and receipts, notes, and related material; legal documents, including title searches and a legal opinion, 1871-1918; bills and receipts, 1888-1904, most of which appear to be related to Worth's legal cases; genealogical notes probably compiled between 1890-1920 and covering the years 1623-1919; historical sketches, 1900; research notes, 1785-1927; plats, 1750-1916; and lists, certificates, and clippings, 1809-1923.

Worth family papers in Sub-group 2 primarily consist of correspondence and estate records for members of Worth's immediate family including his parents, brother, sister, and wife, from 1809-1942. Of particular note is a letter from Helen B. Winslow Worth describing her voyage to Cuba in 1854. The final sub-group in the collection contains the papers of Henry Howland Crapo (1804-1869) which encompass an incoming business letter, 1855; surveyor of highways records, 1835, ca.1850, including volumes of road measurements; and legal documents, consisting of title searches, including deeds, correspondence, and a warrant, dating 1714-1774, 1844, and power of attorney certificates, 1851-1852.

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Removed to Printed Collection

Acushnet Cemetery. Memorial Record. . .,1881.
Annual report of the New Bedford School Committee, 1887.
Bulletin of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, March 1917.
Bulletin of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, December 1917.
Emery, William M. Gideon Howland's Kith and Kin, 1916.
French Spoliations. Their History and Present Status, ca.1895.
History of the French Spoliation Claims, ca.1895.
Invitation to Order of the Eastern Star meeting, Pittsfield, Mass., 1917.
Menu and program of Business Men's Banquet, New Bedford, Mass., 1900.
New Bedford Mercury, 17 June 1808.
Pictures of the Worst Storm in New Bedford's History,1924.
Program of Dartmouth High Schools Graduation Exercises, 1919.
Registers of Lynn Historical Society, Lynn, Mass., 1897-1906, 1909. 9 items.
"Regulations of the School Committee of New Bedford," ca.1840.
"Report of the School Committee of . . . New Bedford . . .," 1846.
"Report of the School Committee of . . . New Bedord . . .," 1848.
"The Whaleship Charles W. Morgan," reprint from Fair Winds Magazine, ca. 1939.

Removed to Objects Collection

Business card for the Whatnot Shoppe, New Bedford, Mass., n.d.

Removed to Maps Collection

Map of Fall River, Mass., 1812
Plan of Falmouth Heights, Falmouth, Mass., 1871
Map of Taunton, Mass., 1904
Map of Nantucket, Mass., 1907
Plan of Kempton Park, Dartmouth, Mass., 1910

Removed to Vertical File

"Padanaram History," typescript of notes kept by Henry B. Worth, ca.1908.

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The bulk of material in this collection was given to the Old Dartmouth Historical Society by Robert W. Best, Richard H. Best, and Mrs. John Kirk on 19 March 1968. A single volume was the gift of Whaling and Marine Manuscript Archives, Inc., on 9 June 1972. Additional materials may have been given by Henry B. Worth prior to 1923 while he was an active member and secretary of the Society.

Processing Information

Processed by: Barbara E. Austen, ca. 1982

Encoded by: Kermit Dewey, 07 June 2012

Funds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Please Consult Research Library for Detailed Description of Collection

Sub-group 1: Henry Barnard Worth Papers, 1785-1927 [6.5 linear feet]
Incoming and outgoing personal correspondence; legal cases; French spoliation claims; legal documents; bills and receipts; notebooks; genealogical research notes; historical sketches; research notes; plats; and lists, certificates, and clippings.
Sub-group 2: Worth family Papers, 1809-1942 [2.5 inches]
Correspondence, estate records, legal documents, financial records, and similar material concerning members of the Worth family.
Sub-group 3: Henry Howland Crapo Papers, 1714-1855 [2.5 inches]
Letter concerning Tupper case; surveyor of highways records; and legal documents.

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Subject Headings

Actions and defenses--Mass.--Bristol County--Cases
Actions and defenses--Mass.--Dukes County--Cases
Acushnet, Mass.
Church property--Mass.--Dartmouth
Church records and registers--Mass.--Dartmouth
Civil procedure--Mass.--Bristol County
Civil procedure--Mass.-Dukes County
County courts--Mass.--Bristol County
County courts--Mass.--Dukes County
Court calendars--Mass.--Bristol County
Court calendars--Mass.--Dukes County
Court records--Mass.--Bristol County
Court records--Mass.--Dukes County
Dartmouth, Mass.--Cemeteries
Dartmouth, Mass.--Church history
Dartmouth, Mass.--Genealogy
Dartmouth, Mass.--History--Revolution, 1775-1783
Dartmouth, Mass.--Industries
Dartmouth, Mass.--Officials and employees
Dartmouth, Mass.--Population
Dartmouth, Mass.--Schools
Deeds--Mass.--Martha's Vineyard
Deeds--Mass.--New Bedford
Domestic relations--Mass.-Nantucket
Edgartown, Mass.
Fairhaven, Mass.
Fraternities SEE Secret Societies
Freetown, Mass.
Freetown, Mass.--Population
French spoliation claims
Friends, Society of--Mass.--Dartmouth
Friends, Society of--Mass.--Nantucket
Henry B. Worth Papers
Historians--Mass.--New Bedford
Land titles--Registration and transfer--Mass.--New Bedford--Cases
Law--Mass.--Bristol County--Cases
Law--Mass.--Dukes County--Cases
Lawyers--Mass.--New Bedford
License system--Massachusetts
Liquor laws--Mass.--Acushnet
Liquor laws--Mass.--Dartmouth
Liquor laws--Mass.--Fairhaven
Liquor laws--Mass.--New Bedford
Liquor laws--Mass.--Westport
Macy, Joseph B., 1821-ca.1887
Massachusetts. County Court. (Bristol County)
Massachusetts. County Court. (Dukes County)
Municipal officials and employees--Mass.--New Bedford
Nantucket, Mass.
Nantucket, Mass.--Cemeteries
New Bedford Council of Royal and Select Masters, New Bedford, Mass.
New Bedford, Mass.--Cemeteries
New Bedford, Mass.--Officials and employees
New Bedford, Mass.--Schools
Order of the Eastern Star, New Bedford, Mass.
Probate records--Mass.--Bristol County
Public records--Mass.--Acushnet
Public records--Mass.--Dartmouth
Public records--Mass.--Fairhaven
Public records--Mass.--New Bedford
Public records--Mass.--Westport
Registers of birth, etc.--Mass.--Dartmouth
Registers of birth, etc.--Mass.--Nantucket
Registers of birth, etc.--Mass.--New Bedford
Registers of birth, etc.--Mass.--Westport
Roads,--Mass.--New Bedford--Surveying
Rochester, Mass.--Population
Secret Societies--Mass.--New Bedford
Surveyors--Mass.--New Bedford
Taxation--Mass.--New Bedford
Tuck, George E., 1838-1901
United States--History--War with France, 1798-1800--Claims
Westport, Mass.
Westport, Mass.--Cemeteries
Winslow, Love C. Barnard, b.1811
Worth family
Worth, Calvin G., 1812-1879
Worth, Emma Cleveland Higham, 1872-1944
Worth, Helen B. W., 1861-1907
Worth, Helen B. Winslow, b.1835
Worth, Henry Barnard, 1858-1923
Worth, Margaret C., b.1810
Worth, Matthew G.,
Worth, William H., b.1817
Worth, William Penn, b.1842

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