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Inventory of the White Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research LibraryProcessed by: Barbara B. Austen; machine-readable finding aid created by: Robbin SmithFunds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.Inventory of the White Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

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Inventory of the White Family Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

White Family Papers
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White family
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Mss 37
10 inches
Business and personal papers of the Acushnet and Freetown branches of a Massachusetts family, 1746-1916.
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Historical Note

The American progenitor of the White family of Freetown and Acushnet, Massachusetts, William White, was a passenger on the Mayflower and an early settler of Rochester, Mass. The Freetown branch of the family, headed by Thomas White (1722-1799), principally consisted of yeomen farmers, although one member, Marchant White (ca. 1795-1880), served as a Massachusetts state legislator in 1856. William White (1721-1817) was the head of the Acushnet branch of the family whose most notable members, William White (1757-1865) and his sons, Phineas White (1785-1877), William White Jr. (b. 1787), and Benjamin White (b. 1798), owned and operated a cotton mill from about 1800-1844 in a part of Fairhaven which later became the town of Acushnet. The mill was built near the site of a sawmill and between 1800-1814, several other buildings were added to the complex including a gristmill, dye house, and dwellings for operatives. Before the company was sold in 1844, it was known as William White Jr. & Company until 1841 and then as Phineas White & Company from 1841-1844.

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Scope and Content Note

Of primary importance among the materials in this collection are the business records of William White Jr. & Company and its successor, Phineas White & Company, cotton manufacturers at Fairhaven, Mass. The records of the former company encompass a ledger, 1815-1845, labor records, 1822-1831, and deeds, 1777-1841. The latter company is represented by financial records, 1841-1845, including a day book, and incoming correspondence, 1842-1844.

Other papers in this collection reflect the activities of members of the Acushnet and Freetown, Mass., branches of the White family from 1746-1916, and include correspondence; deeds, estate records, guardianship papers, and similar legal documents; general and tax receipts, bills, promissory notes, and similar financial records; and personal papers. Family members represented by the largest amount of material are William White, 1780-1829, his son Phineas White, 1828-1907, and his grandson, Augustus White, 1853-1916.

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Removed to Photographs Collection

Photograph of house of William White (1721-1817), built in 1741 in Acushnet, ca. 1950. 1 item.

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Materials in this collection were given to the Old Dartmouth Historical Society by Miss Emma L. White in 1957 and on 21 September 1966.

Processing Information

Processed by: Barbara B. Austen ca. 1982

Encoded by: Robbin Smith, 09 January 2012

Funds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Please Consult Research Library for Detailed Description of Collection

Sub-group 1: White Family Business Records, 1777-1845 [5 inches]
William White Jr., & Company Records and Phineas White & Company Records.
Sub-group 2: Thomas White Papers, 1760-1799 [4 items]
Deeds and executor's letter
Sub-group 3: William White Papers, 1780-1829 [21 items]
Deeds; lot plans; bill of sale; marriage indenture; bequest; and transfer of bonds
Sub-group 4: Joseph White Papers, 1785-1829 [2 items]
Letter to brother William White and receipt
Sub-group 5: Marchant White Papers, 1797-1799 [3 items]
Deeds and bill
Sub-group 6: Hannah Brown White Papers, 1802-1804 [6 items]
Estate records and guardianship letter
Sub-group 7: Thomas White Papers, 1806, 1841 [2 items]
Deed and receipt
Sub-group 8: John White Papers, 1819-1831 [6 items]
Sub-group 9: Marchant White Papers, 1828-1856 [5 items]
Deeds and money orders for serving in state legislature.
Sub-group 10: Phineas White Papers, 1828-1907 [87 items]
Deeds; power of attorney certificate; bills and receipts; promissory notes; and insurance policies.
Sub-group 11: William White Jr. Papers, 1831 [2 items]
Deed and lot plan
Sub-group 12: Hannah B. White Papers, 1838-1854 [3 items]
Notebook and miscellany
Sub-group 13: Benjamin White Papers, 1843-1855 [3 items]
Deed and promissory note with memorandum
Sub-group 14: Ansel White Papers, 1844 [1 item]
Promissory note
Sub-group 15: Augustus White Papers, 1853-1916 [142 items]
Estate records; guardianship papers; gift acknowledgement; power of attorney certificate; deeds; agreements; and bills and receipts
Sub-group 16: Phineas White Jr. Papers, 1864-1875 [3 items]
Sub-group 17: Henry White Papers, 1867 [1 item]
Sub-group 18: Melora White Papers, 1880-1890 [5 items]
Will; assignment, sale and receipt of dower right; and guardianship account
Sub-group 19: Henry C. White Papers, 1901-1916 [10 items]
Tax receipts
Sub-group 20: Miscellaneous Family Papers, 1746, 1851 [2 items]
Correspondence and deed

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Subject Headings

Account books--Fairhaven, Mass.--1815-1845
Business records--Mass.--Fairhaven
Cotton manufacture
Cotton textiles
Cotton trade--Mass.--Fairhaven
Decedents' estates--Mass.--Acushnet
Distribution of decedents' estates--Mass.--Acushnet
Fairhaven, Mass.--Commerce
Local taxation--Mass.--Acushnet
Local taxation--Mass.--Fairhaven
Phineas White & Company, Fairhaven, Mass.
Taxation of personal property--Mass.--Acushnet
Taxation of personal property--Mass.--Fairhaven
Taxation, State
Textile industry--Mass.--Fairhaven
Textile workers--Mass.--Fairhaven
Wages--Textile workers--Mass.--Fairhaven
White, Ansel, 1796-1871
White, Augustus, fl. 1853-1916
White, Benjamin, b. 1798
White, Hannah B, b. 1804
White, Hannah Brown, b. ca. 1775
White, Henry C, b. 1877
White, Henry, fl. 1867
White, John, fl. 1819-1831
White, Joseph, b. 1755
White, Marchant, d. 1802
White, Marchant, d. 1880
White, Melora, fl. 1880-1890
White, Phineas Jr., fl. 1860-1877
White, Phineas, 1785-1877
White, Thomas Jr., fl. 1806-1841
White, Thomas, 1722-1799
White, William Jr., b. 1787
White, William, 1757-1835
William White Jr., & Company, Fairhaven, Mass.

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