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Inventory of the Taber Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research LibraryProcessed by: Judith Downey; machine-readable finding aid created by: Alfredo L. ParrillaFunds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.Inventory of the Taber Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

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Inventory of the Taber Family Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Taber Family Papers
Date Span:
Taber family
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Mss 36
10 inches
Business and family papers of a Dartmouth and Fairhaven, Massachusetts, family, 1712-1901
New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
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Historical Note

Members of the Taber family of Dartmouth and Fairhaven, Massachusetts, were chiefly involved in local government and mercantile activities between the years 1712 and 1901. Most notable among these individuals were Bartholomew Taber (1717-1813), his brother, John Taber (1726-1761), Bartholomew's son, John Taber (1773-1847), and grandson, George Hathaway Taber (1808-1901). Bartholomew Taber lived in Dartmouth, Mass. and served as a town clerk and surveyor. He also had various interests in the shipping and mercantile trade. His brother was a ship master who captained the Neptune (Sloop) when it was captured by a French privateer, Wellbeloved, off Martinique and held for ransom in 1760-1761. Bartholomew's son, John Taber, lived in Fairhaven, Mass., and served as assessor and surveyor for the town. George Hathaway Taber, also a resident of Fairhaven, served in various capacities in town government for about twenty years. Prior to his involvement in town government, George had been a ship captain involved in the mercantile trade.

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Scope and Content Note

Papers for these four most prominent members of the Taber family constitute the bulk of the documents in this collection. Bartholomew Taber's papers consist of correspondence, 1750-1788; town clerk records, circa 1744-1751; surveyor's records, 1753-1783; legal documents, 1724-1804, including estate records of a relative, William Peckham, 1724-1772; ship's papers, 1761-1762; and bills and receipts, 1761-1784. Among his correspondence, ship's papers, bills, and receipts are materials concerning the capture and imprisonment of his brother, John, during the French and Indian War. These materials are complemented by the correspondence, 1758-1761, ship's papers, 1761, a treaty and ransom agreement, bills, and receipts of John Taber himself. Papers of Bartholomew's son, John Taber, consist of legal documents, 1832-1834; town official's records, 1822-1832, for the town of Fairhaven where he served as assessor, surveyor and board of overseers; and bills and receipts, 1798- 1833. George Hathaway Taber's papers consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence, 1822-1901; legal documents, 1840-1899; bills and receipts, 1833-1894; certificates, 1850-1899; and a penmanship notebook, political handbill, and memoranda that spans the years 1839 to approximately 1880.

Included among his incoming correspondence is a letter from Franklin Bowditch Dexter, historian and author, regarding local history as well as a letter from Charles Bryant regarding the fur trade and other activities at Sitka, Alaska in 1869.

Also represented in this collection are other Taber family members, including relatives by marriage. Papers of Jonathan Taber (1702-1773) consist of account books, 1724-1772. These account books reflect his activities as: a tanner, the owner and manager of a cider mill, a manufacturer of lime, a farmer who raised and sold extensive quantities of corn and rye, and a merchant who dealt in tea, rum, fish, whale bone, lumber, and other merchandise. Jonathan’s account books also document his time as a promoter of spinning, weaving, and clothmaking at Rochester, Mass., in the 1740s. Bartholomew Taber's (1779-1860) papers include correspondence, 1831; town official's records, 1829-1830, for Fairhaven, where he served as town clerk, treasurer and tax collector; and bills and receipts, 1793. Papers for other Taber family members date from 1734-1901 and principally consist of correspondence, deeds, ship's papers, and legal documents.

Materials in this collection have been organized into Sub-groups representing individual members of the Taber family and other relatives by marriage. These sub-groups have been listed in chronological order by each person's birthdate. Papers have been organized into series by type of document and are arranged in chronological order. A final sub-group of this collection contains correspondence, deeds, ship's papers, bills, receipts, and a military record, 1748-circa 1900, believed to have belonged to Taber family members. A published work which may serve as a guide to the persons represented in this collection is The Taber Genealogy . . ., compiled by George L. Randall (1924).

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Removed to Photographs Collection

- Unidentified photograph, possibly of Whittier, undated

Removed to Objects Collection

- Reward of merit card, undated
- Code card, undated

Removed to Broadside Collection

- Political handbill - slate of offcials for Fairhaven, Massachusetts, circa 1875
- Quarentine regulations, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, 1831
- Holman's Ink for London Powder Records, undated

Removed to Printed Collection

- Book of Lamentations - pp. 3-30
- Burial Service of Free and Accepted Masons, New Bedford, Massachusetts, (New Bedford, Mass, 1879)
- Chase, George Wingare. Burial Service for the Ancient and Honorable..., (Boston, Mass, 1865
- Coleridge, S. T. Biographia Literaria; or Biographical..., Vo1. 2, (New York, New York, 1817).
- Constitution and playing Rules of the International Base Ball Assocition.(Jamaica Plain, Mass., 1805).
- Gazette - 19 Agust 1805, (Boston, Mass., 1805)
- H. M. S. Pinafore - program book (Boston, Mass., 1878).
- The New World - December 1842 (New York, New York, 1842).
- A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, pp. 340-342

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The bulk of the materials in this collection were donated to the Old Dartmouth Historical Society by George H. Taber on 25 September 1981. Several documents were also given to the Society by Alice Weeks in March 1932

Processing Information

Processed by: Judith Downey, ca. 1982

Encoded by: Alfredo L. Parrilla, 20 March 2013

Funds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Sub-group 1: Jacob Taber Papers, 1774-1777 [3 items]
Deeds and ship's papers.
Series A: Deeds, 1734
Box 1
Folder 1
Folder 1
Ranger (Sloop), 1767-1777
Sub-group 2: Jonathan Taber Papers, 1723-1772 [2 items]
Account books
Series A: Account Books, 1723-1772
Volume 1
Volume 2
Sub-group 3: Bartholomew Taber Papers, 1724-1804 [2 inches]
Correspondence; town official's record's; legal documents; ship's papers and bills and receipts.
Series A: Correspondence, 1750-1788
Folder 1
1750, 1761, 1762, 1788
Series B: Town clerk record, circa 1744-1768
Sub-series 1: Town Clerk Records, circa 1744-1751
Folder 1
Folder 2
Annual report to King George II, regarding colonies 1751-1768
Volume 1
Tax list, circa 1744
Sub-series 2: Surveyor's records, 1753-1783
Folder 1
Volume 1-2
Surveys and notes, 1764-1783
Folder 2
Survey notes and plats, circa 1753 - circa 1768
Series C: Legal Documents, 1724-1804
Folder 1
Deed, circa 1790
Folder 2
Probate notice, William Peckham, 1771
Volume 1
Account book for William Peckham, 1724-1772
Folder 3
Accounts for william Peckham, 1736-1771
Folder 4
Probate notice, Bartholomew Taber, 1804
Series D: Ship's Papers, 1761-1763
Folder 1
Neptune (Sloop), 1761-1763
Series E: Bills's and Receipts, 1761-1784
Folder 1
1761-1770, 1775, 1784
Sub-group 4: Tucker Taber Papers, 1746-1748 [2 items]
Articles of agreement and bills and receipts.
Articles of areement, 1746
Folder 1
Concerning builiding of a sloop
Bills and receipts, 1748
Folder 1
Sub-group 5: Jacob Taber Papers, 1770 [1 item]
Letter to Bartholomew Taber
Series A: Correspondence, 1758-1761
Folder 1
Letter to Bartholomew Taber, 1770
Sub-group 6: John Taber Papers, 1748-1761 [10 items]
Correspondence; ship's papers; and bills and receipts
Series A: Correspondence, 1758-1761
Folder 1
Series B: Ship's Papers, 1751-1761
Folder 1
Accounts of Rainbow (Sloop) 1751
Folder 2
Treaty - Lemis Jouit, Captain of privateer Wellbeloved and John Taber, Captain of Neptune
Folder 3
Bill of lading: Neptune (Sloop)
Series C: Bills and Recipts, 1748 - circa 1755
Folder 1
1748 - circa 1755
Sub-group 7: Edward Taber Papers, 1805 [1 item]
Series A: Deeds, 1746
Folder 1
Deed with Robert Bennet, 1805
Sub-group 8: Jabez Taber Papers, 1839-1840 [2 items]
Series A: Deeds, 1839-1840
Folder 1
Sub-group 9: John Taber Papers, Beginning Year-End Year [1.5 inches]
Legal documents, town offical's records, and bills and receipts
Series A: Legal documents, 1832-1834
Folder 1
Deed with Thomas Bennett, 1834
Folder 2
Insurance policy, 1832
Series B: Town official's Records, 1822-1832
Folder 1
Board of Overseers of the poor - Summons,
Volume 1
Tax list, 1825
Volume 2-3
Surveyors's notes and records, 1822-1832
Series C: Bills and Recipts, 1798-1833
Folder 1
1798, 1806, 1807, 1815-1819, 1824, 1833
Sub-group 10: Bartholomew Taber Papers, 1793, 1829-1831 [4 items]
Correspondence, town ofcial's records, and bills and receipts
Series A: Correspondence, 1831
Folder 1
Series B: Town Official's Records, 1829-1830
Folder 1
Tax assessments, 1829
Series C: Bills and receipts, 1793
Folder 1
Sub-group 11: Furman Reade Whitwell Papers, 1834-1856 [7 items]
Legal documents
Series A: Legal documents, 1836-1856
Folder 1
Land and pew deeds, 1834-1854
Folder 2
Isaac Vincent estate record, 1856
Folder 3
Agreement with James Tripp, 1838
Sub-group 12: Sarah Russell Taber Huttleston Papers, 1862-1883 [6 items]
Series A: Correspondence, 1862-1883
Folder 1
Letters to George H. Taber, 1862-1883
Sub-group 13: George Hathaway Taber Papers, 1822-1901 [2.5 inches]
Correspondence; and permanship notebook, political handbil and moranda
Series A: Correspondence, 1822-1901
Sub-series 1: Incoming, 1822-1901
Box 2
Folder 1
1822, 1833, 1838, 1865, 1870, 1874, 1892, 1901
Sub-series 2: Outgoing, 1858, 1882
Folder 1
1858, 1882
Series B: Legal Documents, 1840-1899
Folder 1
Deeds, 1880, 1895, 1899
Folder 2
Lease for farm, 1880
Folder 3
Power of attorney, 1840, 1861
Folder 4
Will - Maria Mc Douall, 1875
Folder 5
Deposition - Sophia W. Hallett, 1881
Series C: Bills and Receipts, 1833-1894
Folder 1
1833, 1836, 1860, 1861, 1865, 1872, 1894
Series D: Certificates, 1850-1899
Folder 1
Justice of the peace certificates, 1865, 1893
Folder 2
Inspector of the customs certificate, 1850
Folder 3
Membership certifiacte for the American Flag House, 1899
Series E: Penmanship Notebooks, Political Handbills and Memoranda, 1839 - crica 1880
Volume 1
Penmanship notebook, 1839
Folder 1
Political handbills, circa 1875
Memorandum regarding old documents, circa 1870-1887
Sub-group 14: Sarah Taber Huttleston Papers, circa 1870-1887 [3 items]
Series A: Correspondence, circa 1890
Folder 1
circa 1870, circa 1873, 1887
Sub-group 15: George Kelley Huttleston Papers, 1863 [1 item]
School notebook
Series A: School Notebooks, 1863
Volume 1
"2nd Arithmetic, Abstract Book," 1863
Sub-group 16: George Hathaway Taber, Jr., Papers, circa 1880 - circa 1900 [5 items]
Correspondence, lease list and blue prints
Series A: Corespondence, circa 1890
Folder 1
Draft of letter, circa 1890
Series B: Lease Lists and Blueprints, cira 1880 - circa 1900
Folder 1
Lease list, probably for sewing machines, circa 1880
Folder 2
Blueprint by E. D. White and Company probably of furnace, circa 1900
Folder 3
Blueprint of barrel drop - 2 views, 1890
Sub-group 17: Thomas Taber, Jr., Papers 1712 [1 item]
Statement regarding proceedings at Dartmouth Friends Meeting, 1712
Series A: Statement, 1712
Folder 1
Statement regarding proceedings at Dartmouth Friends meetings, 1712
Sub-group 18: Miscallaneous Family Papers, 1748 - circa 1900 [1 inch]
Correspondence, deeds, case, ship's papers, bills an receipts, military record and genealogy
Folder 1
Correspondence, 1872
Folder 2
Dees, 1748-1856
Folder 3
Luther T. Wilson cas, 1826, 1829
Folder 4
Ship's Papers: Hannah (Sloop), William Henry (Ship) Lydia (Ship) circa 1770, 1857-1860
Folder 5
Bills and receipts, 1752, 1801, 1832, 1892
Folder 6
Military record, 1879
Folder 7
Genealogy of Stephen Hathaway, circa 1900

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Subject Headings

Account book--Dartmouth, Mass.--1723-1772
Alaska--Description and travel--1867-1896
Authors, American--Conn.-- New Haven
Authors--Correspondence, reminiscences, etc.
Business records--Mass.--Dartmouth
Capture at sea
Clothing trade--Mass.--Dartmouth
Clothing trade--Mass.--Dartmouth
Fairhaven, Mass.--Officials and employees
Fur trade--Alaska--Sitka
Hand weaving--Mass.--
Hand weaving--Mass.--Rochester
Historians--Conn.--New Haven--Correspondence, reminiscences, etc.
Huttleston, George Kelley, 1847-1868
Huttleston, Sarah Russell Taber, 1806-1905
Huttleston, Sarah Taber, b. 1839
Justices of the peace--Mass.--Bristol Co.
Local taxation--Mass.--Dartmouth
Local taxation--Mass.--Fairhaven
Peckham William, 1688-1771
Roads--Mass.--Fairhaven--Maintenance and repair
Russia--Foreign relations--1855-1881
Russian American Company, Sitka, Alaska
Russians in alaska
Ship's papers
Sitka, Alaska--Commerce
Taber family
Taber, Bartholomew, 1717-1813
Taber, Bartholomew, 1779-1860
Taber, Edward, b. 1754
Taber, George Hathaway, 1808-1901
Taber, George Hathaway, Jr., 1859-1940
Taber, Jabez, 1774-1870
Taber, Jacob, 1683-1773
Taber, Jacob, 1723-1806
Taber, John, 1726-1761
Taber, John, 1773-1847
Taber, Jonathan, 1702-1773
Taber, Thomas, Jr., 1681-ca. 1723
Taber, Tucker, 1717 1749
Taxation of personal property--Mass.--Dartmouth
Taxation of personal property--Mass.--Farihaven
Town clerks--Mass.--Dartmouth
Town clerks--Mass.--Fairhaven
U.S.--History--French and Indian War, 1755-1763--Consfiscations
U.S.--History--French and Indian War, 1755-1763--Fianace, commerce, confiscation, etc.
U.S.--History--French and Indian War, 1755-1763--Naval operations
U.S.--History--French and Indian War, 1755-1763--Prizes, etc.
Whitwell, Furman Reade, 1793-1861

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Vessel Names

Hannah (Sloop)
Lydia (Ship)
Neptune (Sloop)
Rainbow (Ship)
Ranger (Sloop)
Wellbeloved (Privateer)
William Henry (Ship)

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