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Inventory of the Capt. Joseph A. Burt Jr. Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Capt. Joseph A. Burt Jr. Papers
Date Span:
1840-1890, bulk dates (1862-1863)
Capt. Joseph A. Burt Jr., 1821-1909
Mss Number:
Mss 158
3 linear inches
Records of Company D of the 47th Massachusetts Volunteers Militia from the Civil War. They were apparently collected by Capt. Joseph A. Burt Jr. during his term of duty in 1862-1863.
New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
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Historical Note

The 47th Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteers Militia was led by Col. Lucius B. Marsh, a Boston merchant, Lt. Col. Albert Stickney, and Major Austin S. Cushman. It was mustered at Camp Edwin M. Stanton, Boxford, MA in Nov. 7, 1862 for a term of nine months service.

The regiment moved to Camp Meigs, Readville prior to leaving the state on Nov. 29 for New York. During this time the 47th Regiment lost 225 men to desertion. On Dec. 31 the regiment embarked for New Orleans, LA. Upon their arrival they camped at the Metarie Racecourse at Carrolton, LA. and later on at Camp Parapet. During their time in Louisiana they were engaged in guarding a 30 mile long line of defense and were present during the siege of Port Hudson. They saw no battlefield action although one man was killed by guerrillas.

They left Carrolton, LA on Aug. 5, 1863 to return home to Massachusetts via Illinois where they arrived in Boston on the 18th. The regiment was mustered out September 1, 1863.

There is little else in this collection about Capt. Burt’s personal life. It is known that he was employed as a machinist in New Bedford, MA. He was born in Warren R.I. and served in the Warren Artillery Militia but later resided in New Bedford until his death in 1909.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the records of Company D of the 47th Massachusetts Volunteers Militia. They were apparently collected by Capt. Joseph A. Burt Jr. during his term of duty in 1862-1863. Parts of the records are to be found in ledger books, including the Company Descriptive Book. It contains detailed lists of non-commissioned officers, men transferred, men discharged, a register of deaths and those who deserted. Other ledgers contain the Company Orders, the Company Morning Reports and The Company Clothing. The remainder of the military records consists of loose documents referring to Ordnance Stores, Personal Accounts, Muster Rolls and other Company business.

In addition, the collection contains Capt. Burt’s own copies of books about military instructions, procedures and tactics that have been removed and cataloged as part of the Library's printed collection.

Series I consists of a small collection of Capt. Burt’s previous military experience in the Warren, R.I. Artillery Militia, his enlistment examination for the 47th Regiment and other documents relating to his promotions. There is one personal letter from him to his wife and children.

Series II consists of ledger books and forms relating to the daily organization and maintenance of the regiment.

Series III consists of books of instruction on military skills and hymn books.

Series IV consists of miscellaneous post-war reunions.

Series V consists of two documents related to the ship Thomas Winslow (1864-1865) and a street plan of New Bedford.

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Materials in this collection were donated to the New Bedford Whaling Museum Library by Mrs. Edwina Vallieres in 1945 as part of Accession 1945.16.

Processing Information

Processed by: Jalien Hollister, 2017

Encoded by: Kristi Mukk, 11 November 2020

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Personal Papers, 1840-1890
Box 1
Folder 1
Rhode Island Governor's appointments of Joseph Burt, Jr. to Commissioned Officer Rank of Warren, R.I. Artillery, 1840-1847
Folder 2
Form for examining a recruit. Joseph Burt Jr., 1862
Folder 3
Certificate of promotion to Lieutenant, Co. D., 47th Regiment of MA volunteers, 1862
Folder 4
Letter to his wife and children from Joseph Burt Jr. at Camp Parapet, LA, 1863
Folder 5
Empty envelope addressed to Capt. Joseph Burt Jr. from the Army in Washington, DC, undated
Folder 6
Joseph Burt Jr. Appointment as Justice of the Peace in Massachusetts, 1886
Folder 7
Joseph Burt Jr. Membership in the G.A.R., 1889
Folder 8
Joseph Burt Jr. Army pension, 1890
Series II: 47th Regiment, Company D. Papers, 1862-1863
Folder 9
Enlistment records, 47th Regiment, MA, undated
Folder 10
Company descriptive book, 1862
Folder 11
Ledger. Company Orders. Camp Stanton, Boxford, MA, to Camp Parapet, Carrollton, LA, 1862-1863
Folder 12
Enclosure from Company Orders. Discharge form, blank, undated
Folder 13
Muster Rolls, 1862-1863
Folder 14
Ledger. Company Morning Reports, 1862-1863
Folder 15
Enclosures from Company Morning Reports. Descriptive list of men, undated
Folder 16
Ledger. Company Clothing, 1862-1863
Folder 17
Clothing accounts, 1862-1863
Folder 18
Invoices for stores issued to Capt. Joseph Burt Jr. for clothing, 1863
Folder 19
Invoices and receipts from Ordnance Stores, 1863
Folder 20
Invoices and receipts from Ordnance Stores, 1862-1863
Folder 21
Quarterly return of ordnance and ordnance stores, 1862-1863
Folder 22
Attendance lists for Co. D. 47th Reg., 1862-1863
Folder 23
Abstracts of expenditures, 1863
Folder 24
Descriptive list and accounts of pay and clothing, 1863
Folder 25
Individual accounts. Clothing, Co. D., 1863
Folder 26
Inventory of effects, Camp Parapet, LA, 1863
Folder 27
List of deserters returned, Louisiana Cotton Press, 1863
Folder 28
Orders from Headquarters, 1862-1863
Folder 29
Discharge papers and certificates for pay day, 1863
Folder 30
Letter to Col. L. B. Marsh regarding arrival of paymaster in New Bedford, MA, 1863
Folder 31
Receipts for the descriptive list and final statements, 1862-1863
Folder 32
Requests for re-enlistments to Co. I, 1st Louisiana Cavalry, 1863
Series III: Army Issue Instruction Booklets, 1852-1865
Folder 33
Instructions for Officers on Outpost and Partial Duty, 1862
Folder 34
Instructions for Making Muster Rolls, Mustering Into Service, Periodical Payments and Discharging From Service..., 1862
Folder 35
A System of Target Practice, 1862
Folder 36
Hymn Book for the Army and Navy, American Tract Society, 1865
Folder 37
Hymns, Religious and Patriotic for the Soldier and the Sailor, ; Manual of Bayonet Exercise by George B. McClellan, ; A Concise System of Instructions and Regulations for Militia and Volunteers of the United States by S. Cooper, Alexander Macomb, ; Infantry Tactics by Brig. Gen Silas Casey, Vols. I, II and III, 1861 1852 1852 1862
Series IV: Post War Material, 1858-1884
Folder 38
Announcement. 47th Mass. Volunteers Reunion, 21st anniversary, 1884
Folder 39
Roster of Field Officers of the Mass. Volunteers, Saturday Evening Gazette, undated
Folder 40
Pamphlet. Reception of the Third Regiment on its return from nine month's service, 1863
Folder 41
Complimentary Card. Military and Citizens, Levee and Festival, 1858
Series V: Unrelated Material, 1864-1865
Folder 42
Deposition: Nelson Paul, New Bedford, MA regarding incident aboard ship Thomas Winslow, 1864
Folder 43
Release of Edmund N. Clark from liability regarding incident aboard ship Thomas Winslow, 1865
Folder 44
Street plan of New Bedford, MA, undated

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Subject Headings

Burt, Joseph A., Jr., 1821-1909
Military discharge
Military orders
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Desertions
United States. Army--Appropriations and expenditures
United States. Army--Military life
United States. Army--Officers
United States. Army--Ordnance and ordnance stores
United States. Army. Infantry--Drill and tactics
United States. Army. Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteers Militia, 47th (1862-1863). Company D

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Vessel Names

Thomas Winslow (Ship)

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