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Inventory of the Rachel Barrows Wing Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Rachel Barrows Wing Papers
Date Span:
1704-1956, Bulk 1830-1956
Rachel Barrows Wing, 1887-1973
Mss Number:
Mss 146
4.25 linear feet
Primarily the personal papers of Rachel Barrows Wing and family, including personal diaries. Also contains papers related to the Allan, Barrows, and Davis families of New Bedford, Massachusetts.
New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
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Historical Note

Rachel Barrows Wing (nee Barrows) was born in 1887. She was born to John H. and Laura E. Barrows. She married Edward H. Wing in 1908. They had two children, Allan B. Wing and Edward H. Wing. She was actively involved with many groups in New Bedford, such as the Mother’s Club, the YWCA, and the 8 Belles. She taught Sunday school and also led a mothercraft class in New Bedford. Rachel Barrows Wing died in 1973.

Her husband, Edward Howland (Ned) Wing (1885-1968) was born to Charles F. Wing and Annie Tripp. He became part of his father’s company C.F. Wing Company. Ned became president of C.F. Wing Company in 1942. He was also vice-admiral of the New Bedford Yacht Club. He was a property owner who rented a cottage in the summer for guests.

Allan Barrows Wing (1916-1988) was the eldest son of Rachel Barrows and Edward H Wing. He attended Dartmouth College. He worked for C.F. Wing Company. He married Mary on February 18, 1945. They had two children Allan Barrows (Barry) on August 19, 1946, and Janet Wing in July 1951.

Edward H. Wing Jr. (1917-1998) was the second son of Rachel Barrows and Edward H. Wing. He attended Mount Tabor Academy and Hobart College. He worked for C.F. Wing Company.

Laura E. Barrows (1860-1933) was Rachel Barrow Wing’s mother and the daughter of Robert Allan and Laura Davis. She was married to John H. Barrows. In addition to Rachel, they had two other daughters: Sarah D. Brown (nee Barrows), who married in 1914, and Laura D. Richards (nee Barrows) who married Thornton Richards. She had one son, Thornton M. Richards Jr, who served in World War II as a pilot in the Air Force, and eventually became a Captain. He married Marion Browne in 1943. They had three children: Thornton M. (Tony) Richards III, Peter Hamilton Richards and Christopher Davis Richards.

Edward H. (Ned) Wing had one brother, Richard Lyman Wing. He was born in 1888 to Charles F. Wing and Achsah Tripp. He married Alice.

Lyman Wing is Edward H. Wing’s grandfather. He was born in 1824. He was the son of John Wing Jr. and Rebecca Slocum. He married Hannah Howland. He rose through the whaling industry. He was the captain of the Brunswick (Ship), the Fabius (Ship) and the James Murray (Ship). He retired from the industry in 1862. He had 4 children. He died in on December 20, 1891.

John Wing was Lyman Wing’s father. He was born in 1797. He married Rebecca Slocum on March 16, 1820.He also married Mehitable Gifford on October 2, 1834. He had 6 children. He died March 13, 1869.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the papers of the Wing family and the Barrows/Allan/Davis Family. The collection begins with paper relating to the Wing Family. The papers of Rachel Barrows Wing are represented, as well as the business and land deals of John Wing and Lyman Wing. Also present are the papers of the Barrows/Allan/Davis family. They contain the papers of Laura E. Barrows and Robert Allan.

The Wing Papers correspondence consists of one letter to Lyman Wing and the diaries of Rachel Barrows Wing. These diaries span from 1908-1956 and begin the year she married, covering her marriage and family, discussing her husband, her two sons Allan and Edward, and eventually her two grandchildren Allan (Barry) and Janet. She discusses her extended family, her sisters Laura D. Richards, and Sarah D. Brown and her brother Allan Barrows, and her parents, in addition to her health issues, and daily life. She also discusses major world events and chronicles the issues on the home front in New Bedford during World War II.

The Wing Papers’ legal documents are divided into estate records and deeds/taxes, spanning from 1814-1870. The bulk of the estate records involve the estate of John Wing from 1869 to 1870, while there is also a release of a bond for John Wing and David Gifford from overseeing the estate of Zephoniah Buffington by the Quaker council in 1814. The Wing Papers deeds/taxes contain three of John Wing’s land transactions, a transaction made by Nathanial Chase, and an undated list of tax owed by men in town from how much land they received that included John Wing.

Financial papers related to the Wing family span from 1856-1870. The bulk of the legal and financial papers involve the estate of John Wing from 1869-1870. These papers also include account books, bills, and receipts. The bulk of the bills relate to John Wing, while the account book is for the James Murray (Ship), dated 1859.

The Wing papers also have a framed Quaker marriage certificate from 1704. The back contains an inscription for Rachel and Edward Wing. There is also a printed sermon that is undated.

The Barrows/Allan/Davis papers include correspondence, legal papers, and genealogy materials. The correspondence is to Laura E. Barrows concerning the grave she purchased.

The Barrows/Allan/Davis legal papers relate to Robert Allan and consist of several different materials, divided into subseries. The first of these subseries consists of the depositions which were taken in 1831 for a court case involving the lands Robert Allan would eventually buy. The deposition was of Abigail Howland and concerned the marriage of Giles and Rebecca Slocum.

The Barrows/Allan/Davis papers also contain deeds, which comprise the second subseries. These deeds show the transfers of this land, to the point Robert Allan bought it in 1873. After his death it was then transferred to his daughter Laura E. Barrows. The other part of the land deeds concerns the grave that Robert Allan purchased for himself in New Bedford Rural Cemetery in 1872, and then payment for upkeep in 1919.

Wills and testaments relating to Barrows/Allan/Davis papers comprise the third subseries, and pertain mostly to Laura E. Barrows and her planning for death. There is her will, her codicil written later, and the valuation of her estate.

The Barrows/Allan/Davis genealogy papers were mostly compiled by a cousin of Rachel Barrows Wing, Lawrence Perry in 1950. These papers mostly relate to the Davis family, from William Davis in 1686 to Rachel’s mother Laura. Also present is a booklet that lists births and deaths in the Allan and Gates families from 1756 to 1858.

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Materials in this collection were donated to the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library in 2005 by Allan B. Wing Jr. as part of Accession #2005.14.

Processing Information

Processed by: Rebecca Sandler, 2015

Encoded by: Kristi Mukk, 27 September 2020

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Collection Inventory

Sub-group 1: Wing Family Papers, 1704-1956
Series A: Correspondence, 1861-1956
Subseries 1: Letters, 1861
Folder 1
Letter to Lyman Wing, August 10, 1861
Subseries 2: Diaries, 1908-1956
Box 1
Volume 1
Rachel marries Ned on November 11.
Volume 2
World War 1 begins. Laura gets engaged. Sarah is married.
Volume 3
Laura is married. Rachel starts raising chickens.
Volume 4
She has shoulder trouble. She goes on a cruise.
Volume 5
Discusses groups she is involved with. She has more medical problems.
Volume 6
Discusses family, friends, trips to Boston and Cape Cod, and her mother's medical problems.
Box 2
Volume 7
Discusses her distate for Roosevelt. She discusses family, friends, and trips. Rachel's mother passes away.
Volume 8
She is in mourning for her mother. She hires a new maid. Allan enters Dartmouth. She has her 26th wedding anniversary.
Volume 9
She discusses world events such as the Lindbergh baby and the President. She sells her mother's house. Edward enters Tabor Academy.
Volume 10
She discusses world events such as the new deal, King George, and her Republican hopes for the country. Allan has medical problems with jaundice. Ned participates in the Yacht race.
Volume 11
Allan's medical issues continue. Rachel gets a new maid. CF Wing Company is closed for a while due to a strike. Rachel went on trips to Cape Cod.
Volume 12
She discusses world events such as Adolf Hitler and the election for Governor in Massachusetts. Ned was elected vice commodore of the yacht club. Her Grandfather Browne passes away. Hurricane of 1938 hit doing a large amount of damage including their yacht and rental cottage.
Box 3
Volume 13
Discusses world events such as Adolf Hitler, the death of Pope Pius XI, and the Royals coming to America. Ned buys a new yacht. Rachel and Ned went to the World’s Fair in New York and to Gettysburg. The town took over the mothercraft class and brought it into the high school.
Volume 14
She discusses world events such as Adolf Hitler, and the Republican candidate Wendell Wilkie. Ned buys the 1840 Perry House and bring it on to the Wing Property to rehabilitate it. Rachel and Ned go on a 10 day cruise on their yacht. Rachel's uncle Frederick Barrows passes away. Allan, Edward and Tim get their draft numbers. Rachel works on a well-baby clinic. Also includes copied attachments: clipping March 25 astronomical, note from 1974 pledge for donation by Mr. and Mrs. Thornton M. Richards, clipping September 30, eulogy for Frederick D. Barrows and October 22, ad for a sea chest.
Volume 15
She discusses world events such as Adolf Hitler, the lead up to World War II, and Pearl Harbor. She worries about her children and nephews being conscripted in the army. The boys have their physicals. Also includes copied attachments: clipping February 23 an article on the growth of ragweed near the road, April 3 note about flowers and prices and April 3 recipe for eggnog pie.
Volume 16
She discusses the war and rationing. Tim enrolls as a cadet in the Air Force. Allan and Edward are cleared from service. Allan starts a medical treatment in New York. Rachel volunteers for USO efforts. Ned becomes president of CF Wing Company. She complains about the lack of food staples.
Volume 17
She discusses the war and rationing. She finds travel difficult. She retires as secretary of the mother’s club. Her display at the flower show won a prize. She had trouble finding her birth information to get a birth certificate, to get a pass to sail. CF Wing bought seats to see the movie “This is the Army”. Tim has a baby boy.
Volume 18
She discusses the war and rationing. She is having health issues. Also includes copied attachments: Clipping August 18 saying how it is the hottest in 44 years and October 23 Picture at the C.F. Wing company 70th anniversary.
Volume 19
She discusses the war and rationing. Her son Allan gets married to Mary. Rachel and Ned take a trip to Hanover. Edward’s new house is finished. Rachel and Ned go sailing. Also includes copied attachments: May 30 there are 3 clippings on ration cards, start with A8, August 4 an article on atomic power and September 29 a clipping on rations, start with Q2
Volume 20
She discusses world events such as atomic tests. Allan and Mary have a baby boy Allan Barrows (Barry). CF Wing company has a party for long time employees.
Volume 21
She discusses world events such as the royal wedding, and bad weather. New Bedford celebrates 100 year anniversary. Time and family move to Yakima, Washington. Rachel complains about the high cost of food.
Volume 22
She discusses world events such as the foundation of Israel and the US Presidential election. There is a death notice for Ned’s father Charles F. Wing Jr. and Lawrence Allan. Tim moves back to New Bedford. Rachel travels to Newport to visit the mansions. Rachel and Ned’s have their 40th wedding anniversary. Also includes copied attachments: June 9 clipping about the death of Lawrence Allan and September 29 clipping about the death of Charles F. Wing Jr.
Box 4
Volume 23
She discusses local events like the reinstatement of Miriam Van Waters in the Framingham Reformatory, the flower show and Sunday school. Rachel traveled to Cape Cod. She saw a talk by Grace Bok Jones, a UN officer. Also includes copied attachments: a Golden Treasury from the Bible and a picture of a Nursery class going for a walk.
Volume 24
She discusses local events like a movie premier for the Girl Scouts, a bank heist in Boston, a hurricane and a local election. The Korean War started. Barry started nursery school. The church got a new pastor. Rachel got a new car and a new refrigerator. Also includes copied attachment an article on September 1 about skaters.
Volume 25
She discusses world events like the Korean War. Allan and Mary have a baby girl Janet. Barry starts kindergarten. Allan has some medical issues. Rachel’s brother Allan Barrows passes away. Rachel has gall bladder problems.
Volume 26
She discusses the election for president. Rachel’s has her 65th birthday. Barry has an operation. Janet gets the chicken pox. Rachel and Ned sail and travel. Rachel and Ned have their 44th wedding anniversary. Allan has more medical treatments.
Volume 27
She discusses world events like the Korean armistice, Joseph Stalin's death, and the British coronation. Rachel mentions a tornado in Worcester. Mary, Allan and Barry go on a trip to the Mohawk trail.
Volume 28
Rachel sees a lecture by Sir Edmund Hillary. Racher has her 50th New Bedford High School reunion. Hurricane Edna hits New Bedford. A 30 foot sloop rams their cottage.
Volume 29
She discusses local events like the local boy found dead, and Hurrican Connie. Janet had the mumps. Barry walked in the Memorial Day parade.
Volume 30
Nothing written.
Series B: Legal Documents, 1814-1870
Subseries 1: Estate Records, 1814-1870
Folder 1
A release of a bond for John Wing and David Gifford to look after the land of Zephoniah Buffington, by the Quaker council, June 13, 1814
Probate Court notice for estate of John Wing, April 2, 1869
A bond between the executors of John Wing’s Estate Lyman Wing and Abner J. Wing, to George Slocum, lawyer, April 24, 1869
Folder 2
A release of claim by Patience Wing (wife of John Wing) on the John Wing estate, overseen by George Slocum, April 24, 1869
A release of cliam by Patience Wing (wife of John Wing) on the John Wing estate, overseen by Gorge Slocum, 2 pages, with official stamps, April 24, 1869
An agreement by the executors of John Wings estate, February 8, 1870
Subseries 2: Deeds/Taxes, 1820-1845
Folder 1
A notice of receipt of a deed from John Wing to A. Howland, March 17, 1820
A transfer of deed from Ebenezer Allan to John Wing. This deed was not signed and not stamped. There are notes on the back, February 15, 1828
A sale of land to Nathanial Chase from Charles W. Morgan and William R. Rodman for $3000, December 3, 1838
A sale of land to John Wing by Stephen Tallnor, December 5, 1845
A list for a tax bill how land was to be divided, and their tax, undated
Series C: Financial Records, 1856-1870
Folder 1
Bill for a coffin for John Wing, August 25, 1856
Notice of debt to Robert Gifford, August 26, 1857
Invoice for cost of voyage, December 23, 1862
Note of payment to George Howland, December 4, 1863
Bill for John and Patience Wing $7.00, 1869
Bill for tending to the John Wing Estate, 1869
Account of claims, and payments from estate, 1869
Settlement of payment from estate of John Wing to Benjamin Wing, April 16, 1870
Settlement of payment from estate of John Wing to Elihu Howland, April 16, 1870
Settlement of payment from estate of John Wing to Hetty Wing, April 16, 1870
Settlement of payment from estate of John Wing to Robert Gifford, April 16, 1870
Settlement of payment from estate of John Wing to Henry A. Slocum, April 16, 1870
Settlement of payment from estate of John Wing to Gerald Tucker, April 16, 1870
Volume 1
Account log for ship James Murray, September 1859
Series D: Genealogy and Collected Materials, 1704
Box 5
Folder 1
Quaker wedding certificate of John Russell and Rebecca Rickton, ancestor of Edward H. Wing. Note from 1908 on back inscribing it for Edward and Rachel Wing, February 25, 1704
Religious sermon, undated
Series E: Photographs (removed to Photo Archive), undated
Sub-group 2: Barrows/Allan/Davis Family Papers, 1831-1950
Series A: Correspondence, 1922-1923
Folder 1
Letter from William A Cottrell Granite and Marble Memorials to Mrs. John Barrows. The letter states that Cottrell will start progress, November 21, 1922
Letter from Island Cemetery to Mrs. John H. Barrows. The letter apologizes for oversight in the Peckham lot, October 29, 1923
Series B: Legal documents, 1831-1932
Subseries 1: Depositions, 1831
Folder 1
Deposition of Abigail Howland by William Allen, March 18, 1831
Deposition of Abigail Howland by George Allen, March 18, 1831
Folder 2
Deposition of Abigail Howland by Henry Brightman, March 18, 1831
Deposition of Abigail Howland by Pardon Pierce, March 18, 1831
Folder 3
Deposition of Abigail Howland by Benjamin Tucker, March 18, 1831
Deposition of Abigail Howland by Elihu Brightman, March 18, 1831
Deposition of Abigail Howland by attorney of Samuel Brightman, other documents attached with the resolution, March 18, 1831
Subseries 2: Deeds, 1831-1922
Folder 1
Land deed sale from William Kempton to George Clark, October 12, 1831
Land deed sale from Elizabeth Langguth to Leopold Bartel, December 16, 1869
Deed for cemetery lot for Robert Allan in New Bedford Rural Cemetery, December 25, 1872
Land deed sale from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (bequeathed by George Clark) to Robert Allan on Thomas Street, June 25, 1873
Notice of payment to the Treasury of the City of New Bedford, for the continual grave of Robert Allan, October 27, 1919
Land deed transfer from Mary A. Howland (a heir to Robert Allan) to Laura E. Barrows, January 21, 1922
Subseries 3: Wills, 1926-1932
Folder 1
Will for Laura E. Barrows, May 26, 1926
Codicil for Laura E. Barrows, December 19, 1932
Value of estate of Laura E. Barrows, undated
Series C: Genealogy, 1950
Folder 1
Letter from Lawrence Perry (cousin) to Rachel Barrows Wing. Letter describes their mutual relatives from the Davis family, Rachel's Grandmother's family and Lawrence's mother's family, July 31, 1950
Letter from Lawrence Perry. Follow up to the previous letter with more information on the births and deaths of the Davis family beginning with William Davis in 1686, August 8, 1950
A note from Lawrence Perry to Rachel Barrows Wing, noting the names of infants who died that had been unknown in previous letter, and another list of the path from William Davis to Laura E. Barrows (Rachel's mother), undated
A booklet with the names of Allan's born starting 1810 to 1830s at the front, and at the back a list of Gates' being born starting in 1756. The 2nd page and the last page have death notice, the Allan's go to 1831, the Gates' go to 1858, undated
Series D: Photographs (removed to Photo Archive), undated

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Subject Headings

Account books—Massachusetts- New Bedford -- 1859
Allan, Robert
Barrows, Allan
Barrows, John H.
Barrows, Laura E., 1860-1933
Bartel, Leopold
Clark, George
Court records—Massachusetts--Bristol County
Dartmouth (Mass.)--Genealogy
Decedents' estates--Massachusetts--New Bedford
Deeds--Massachusetts--New Bedford
Distribution of decedents' estates--Massachusetts-New Bedford
Executors and administrators--Massachusetts-New Bedford
Genealogy--Archival resources
Gifford, Robert
Gurker, Joseph A.
Howland, Abigail
Howland, Elihu
Inventory of decedents' estates--Massachusetts--New Bedford
Kempton, William W.
Langguth, Elizabeth
New Bedford (Mass.)
New Bedford (Mass.) --19th century
New Bedford (Mass.) --20th century
New Bedford (Mass.) --Cemeteries
New Bedford (Mass.) --Genalogy
New Bedford (Mass.) --History
New Bedford (Mass.) --History--Pictorial works
New Bedford (Mass.) --Newspapers
Perry, Lawrence
Richards, Christopher Davis
Richards, Laura D.
Richards, Marion Browne
Richards, Peter Hamilton
Richards, Thornton M.
Richards, Thornton M., III
Richards, Thornton M., Jr.
Schools — Massachusetts — Dartmouth
Ship's papers
Slocum, George
Slocum, Henry A.
Wills—Massachusetts -- New Bedford
Wing, Abner J.
Wing, Alice
Wing, Allan Barrows Jr., 1946-
Wing, Allan Barrows, 1916-1988
Wing, Benjamin
Wing, Edward Howland, 1885-1968
Wing, Hetty H.
Wing, Janet, 1951-
Wing, John, 1797-1869
Wing, Lyman, 1824-1891
Wing, Mary
Wing, Patience
Wing, Rachel Barrows, 1887-1973
Wing, Richard Lyman

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