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Inventory of the Delano Family Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Delano Family Papers
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Delano Family
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Mss 134
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Correspondence, documents, accounts, legal documents, and receipts, and other printed materials related to members of the Delano Family, active in Fairhaven, Mass., from 1755-1861
New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
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Historical Note

Phillippe de Lannoy (also known as Phillip Delano), the progenitor of the Delano family, first arrived in Plymouth in the early 1620s. Many of his offspring would later become prominent mariners, whalers and shipbuilders, leading to commercial success and the family's rise into Massachusetts aristocracy. The family's close association with the greater New Bedford area began when Phillippe joined with 35 other colonists to purchase the Dartmouth Township from Massasoit. His share of land, about 800 acres, was the part of Dartmouth which is the Town of Fairhaven today.

Phillippe’s great-grandson, Captain Ephraim Delano (1733-1815), was a resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Cushman in 1760. Ephraim was one of the fourteen original investors in the “Twenty-Acre Purchase,” owning two lots along the waterfront which later developed into the village of Fairhaven. Ephraim died in 1815, having fathered 11 children: Thomas (1761), Jabez (1763), Hannah (1766), Allerton (1767), an unnamed son (1769), twins Ephraim (1771) and Elizabeth (1771), Deborah (1773), Sarah (1776), Warren (1779), and Temperance (1782).

Captain Warren Delano (1779-1866), the youngest son of Ephraim Delano, was a resident of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. He was a sea captain and ship owner. He married Deborah Church of Fairhaven in 1808. They had eight children, only one of whom married (Warren Delano 2nd.) Warren was an active whaling captain, serving as a merchant in the China Trade. After Deborah's death in 1827, he married Eliza Parker. In 1832, he built the Delano Homestead, which would stay in the Delano family until 1942. Warren Delano died in 1866.

His eldest son, Warren Delano 2nd, was the only child of Warren Delano to marry. He graduated from Fairhaven Academy and became a trader in the import business. Warren 2nd lived in Canton, China for several years before returning to Fairhaven as one of the great merchants of the clipper ship period. He married Catherine Robbins Lyman. He later moved to Newburgh, NY, establishing the Algonac, the New York Delano estate. Warren Delano 2nd died in 1898, leaving behind multiple children and grandchildren, most notable being his grandson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32th President of the United States.

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Scope and Content Note

The Delano Family Papers collection contains of correspondence, documents, accounts, legal documents, receipts, and other printed materials spanning almost a century concerning the lives and careers of Ephraim Delano, Warren Delano, and their descendants. The earliest item in the collection is a deed from 1755, while the most recent is a letter from 1872. The collection is arranged in four series: Ephraim Delano, Warren Delano and Warren Delano 2nd, ship accounts, and correspondence.

Materials of note in the papers of Ephraim Delano include accounts, legal documents, and correspondence. Accounts and bill of sale for the sloops Hannah and Mermaid are also found in this collection. Receipts are organized alphabetically by last name of the individual unless otherwise noted. Notable documents in this series include: a 1796 receipt concerning the balance due for the New Bedford Medley from John Spooner; a 1797 marine insurance receipt from the office of Joseph Ricketson to Thomas Delano for the sloop Union under master of voyage William Taber; and an 1802 letter of advice to his son, Warren. Legal documents include vessel charters, power of attorney, real estate appraisal, and his last will and deed. Located in the final folder of Ephraim’s papers are the following: a copy of the 1815 will (including envelope); a death notice from an unidentified newspaper; an 1847 trust deed referring to a house to be built for Thomas R. and Ephraim, Jr.; and letters from Warren 2nd to his sister Sarah and friend Oliver Prescott looking for the “simplest and easiest” solution for complications in their grandfather’s will and other family estates.

The bulk of papers belonging to Warren Delano and Warren Delano 2nd are receipts of various enterprises. Receipts are organized alphabetically by last name of the individual unless otherwise noted. There is a set of correspondence between Warren Delano 2nd and Joseph Clement Delano (Warren Delano's nephew) from Warren 2nd’s time in Canton, China (1834-1837). Also of note is an 1847 letter from the Boston Antislavery Office to Captain Warren Delano re William W. Brown, an ex-slave who was to visit Fairhaven and give a lecture.

Ship accounts contain three sub-series detailing the accounts of various ships owned in part by Warren Delano, including payment, repairs, outfitting, and shipbuilding contracts. Most detailed is the family venture of the bark Phillipe De la Noye, which traveled three whaling voyages between 1848 and 1860. Included is the 1860 bill of sale between Warren Delano and Warren Delano 2nd, in which Warren Delano sold his son one-fourth of the vessel. Masters T.M. Gardner and E. Clinton Terry are referenced in relation to the Phillipe De la Noye.

Other ships referenced in this part of the collection include:

Agenora (Brig)
Atkins Adams (Ship)
Cadmus (Brig)
Charleston Packet (Brig)
Franklin (Brig)
Grenada (Ship)
Hopeton (Brig)
Martha (Bark)
Milton (Ship)
Pindus (Brig)
Resident (Brig)
Stanton (Ship)
Susan (Bark)
Visitor (Brig)

Correspondence contains materials relating to the relatives and descendants of Ephraim and Warren Delano. Included are: correspondence between Jabez Delano, Jr., and Capt. Joseph Delano; the estate of Elisha Copeland (the brother-in-law of Warren Delano); deed of the Caleb Church property in south Fairhaven. The ancient deeds of the Caleb Church property are the oldest documents of the collection. Caleb Church was the maternal great-grandfather of Warren Delano 2nd. The “Church land” extended from the Acushnet River east to a creek; south to beyond the cart-path later designated Church Street. Caleb's wife was Mercy Pope, daughter of Lemuel (Nasketucket-Sconticut Neck land) who was first cousin to Elnathan whose farm was contiguous to Caleb's in the north. Caleb died in 1771, leaving children aged 3 to 19; his widow died in 1780. Except for the burial ground designated by Caleb and about 24’ sold to the railroad, his heirs retained their inherited land and built their own houses.

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Materials in this collection were donated to the New Bedford Whaling Museum on 8 November 2014 by Sarah Burnell, Accession #2007.66.

Processing Information

Processed by: Michael P. Dyer, 2007

Encoded by: Emily Esten, 20 June 2014

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Series A: Ephraim Delano, 1761-1815 12 materials
Series A contains the papers of Ephraim Delano, including accounts, legal documents, and correspondence.
Box 1
Folder 1
Correspondence to/from Ephraim Delano, mostly re lumber, undated
Folder 2
Legal documents, including vessel charters, power of attorney, real estate appraisal and bill of sale, 1758-1763
Folder 3
Correspondence to/from Ephraim Delano, “of Naskatucket, mariner,” 1761-1769
Folder 4
Accounts for whaling voyage of sloop Mermaid, 10 receipts including outfitting supplies, repairs, whaleboats, crew shares, 1766-1770
Folder 5
Accounts, 1770-1778
Folder 6
Accounts, 1782-1788
Folder 7
Accounts, 1791-1797
Folder 8
New Bedford Medley receipt from John Spooner, balance due Vol. 4, 3rd quarter; request for payment and receipt, 4 September 1796
Folder 9
Thomas Delano – Marine Insurance, office of Joseph Ricketson re sloop Union, 15 March 1797
Folder 10
to son Warren, letter of advice from his father, 14 April 1802
Folder 11
Accounts, 1802-1807
Folder 12
Wills, deeds, correspondence – legal documents, 1815, 1847, 1872
Series B: Warren Delano and Warren Delano 2nd, 1798-1866 13 materials
Series B contains paper of Warren Delano and Warren Delano 2nd, the bulk of which are receipts of various enterprises.
Folder 1
Warren and Joseph C. Delano – Receipts arranged in chronological order, 1798-1823
Folder 2
Fairhaven tax receipts, Warren Delano, 1805-1829
Folder 3
Receipts, Warren Delano, 1817-1819
Folder 4
Receipts, Warren Delano, 1898-1828
Folder 5
Receipts, Warren Delano, arranged in chronological order, 1831-1846
Folder 6
Warren Delano 2nd to Joseph Clement Delano, 1834-1837
Folder 7
Receipts (household) – domestic and other, Fairhaven, Warren Delano, 1844-1860
Folder 8
Correspondence, Warren Delano 2nd, 1815, 1847, 1872
Folder 9
Letter from Antislavery Office, Warren Delano, Boston, 1847
Folder 10
Correspondence with Warren Delano and Warren Delano 2nd, 1852-1855
Folder 11
Estate of Frederick A. Delano, NY, Warren Delano 2nd, 1854-1861
Folder 12
Receipts (household) – Domestic service, Fairhaven, Warren Delano, 1858-1861
Folder 13
Warren & Mrs.; Warren 2nd; Edward Delano – Tax Documents, 1865-1866
Series C: Ship accounts 1815-1863 19 materials
Series C contains ship accounts, with three sub-series detailing the accounts of various ships owned in part by Warren Delano.
Sub-series 1: Phillipe De la Noye, 1847-1860
Folder 1
Accounts: outfitting, 1847-1848
Folder 2
Accounts: repairs and outward changes, 1855-1856
Folder 3
Accounts: Warren Delano, agent, with Frederick A. and Franklin H., 1852-1864
Folder 4
Accounts: repairs and outfitting "to China"; E. Clinton Terry, master, 1860
Folder 5
Accounts: outfitting,inventory of sundries; Bark Susan, 1860-1861
Folder 6
Correspondence with Edward Delano (owner), 1860
Sub-series 2: Brigs, 1821-1860
Folder 1
Brig Agenora - Accounts: Warren Delano with John Johnson, I & S Jenney Co., 1819-1820
Folder 2
Ship Atkins Adams - Accounts: Warren Delano with Wm. G. Blackler, 1856-1863
Folder 3
Brig Cadmus - Accounts: Warren Delano with Atkins Adams, 1831
Folder 4
Brig Charleston Packet - Accounts: Warren Delano with Allerton Delano; E. Hathaway, 1828-1829
Folder 5
Brig Franklin - Accounts: Warren Delano with John A. Parker & Son, 1829-1834
Folder 6
Brig Hopeton - Accounts: Warren Delano with Obed Delano, agent, 1857-1862
Folder 7
Bark Martha - Accounts: Warren Delano with Wm. G. Blackler, 1858-1860
Folder 8
Brig Pindus - Accounts: Warren Delano with Job and Mary Stevens; Seth Stevens, 1815-1819
Folder 9
Brig Resident - Accounts: Warren Delano with James Tripp, 1821-1822
Folder 10
Ship Stanton - Accounts: Warren Delano with Allerton Delano and others, 1818-1843
Folder 11
Brig Visitor - Customs, Edgartown duty on imports from Isle of May, 1819
Sub-series 3: Miscellaneous, 1825
Folder 1
Ships Milton and Grenada - shipbuilding contract, specifications, undated
Folder 2
Merchants' Insurance Co., stock certificates, 1825
Series D: Correspondence, Deeds, Stock, Estate, 1755-1860 5 materials
Series D contains materials relating to the relatives and descendants of Ephraim and Warren Delano.
Folder 1
Ancient Deeds/Caleb Church Property/South Part of Fairhaven, 1755-1765
Folder 2
Deed: Property Division of William West and Jonathan Nye, Stock: Settlement of store of John A. Hawes by Stephen Merrihew, Elias Terry, and Warren Delano, 1806, 1824
Folder 3
Correspondence: Jabez Delano (Jr.) to Capt. Joseph C. Delano, 1835-1860
Folder 4
Estate of Elisha Copeland: Accounts of Joseph and Betsey Blossom; Cynthia Delano, 1844-1858
Folder 5
Oversize materials, including: account for sloop Mermaid, undated; Accounts of Brig Resident (1821-1822); Accounts of Brig Franklin (1829-1834); Accounts for repairs and outfitting for the Phillipe De la Noye (1860); Accounts of Phillipe De la Noye Warren Delano with Frederick A. and Franklin H., (1852-1864); Accounts of Ship Atkins Adams (1856-1863); Accounts of Bark Martha (1858-1860); 1829-1860

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Subject Headings

Accounts--Fairhaven (Mass.)--18th century
Accounts--Fairhaven (Mass.)--19th century
Adams, Atkins, 1782-1849
Bache, Sarah Franklin, 1743-1808
Blackler, William Greenleaf, 1803-1880
Blossom, Benjamin C.
Business records--Fairhaven (Mass.)--18th century
Business records--Fairhaven (Mass.)--19th century
Copeland, Elisha, approximately 1794-
Correspondence--Fairhaven (Mass.)--18th century
Correspondence--Fairhaven (Mass.)--19th century
Daggett, Isaac
Dartmouth (Mass. : Township)
Delano family
Delano, Calvin, 1780-1814
Delano, Jabez, 1763-1848
Delano, Joseph C., 1796-1886
Delano, Obed
Delano, Thomas
Delano, Warren, 1809-1898
Fairhaven (Mass.)
Fairhaven (Mass.)--History
Financial statements
Gardner, Paul, 1730-1823
Hawes, John, 1768-1824
Howland, William, 1756-1840
Huttleston, Henry
Jenney, Isaac H.
Lannoy, Phillippe de, 1602-1681
Marine insurance
May, Samuel J. (Samuel Joseph), 1797-1871
New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge (Fairhaven and New Bedford, Mass.)
Pickens, John, 1770-1825
Receipts (Acknowledgments)--Fairhaven (Mass.)--18th century
Receipts (Acknowledgments)--Fairhaven (Mass.)--19th century
Rotch, Joseph, 1704-1784
Rotch, Joseph, 1743-1773
Rotch, Joseph, 1790-1839
Rotch, William, 1734-1828
Russell, Joseph Jr., 1679-1748
Russell, Joseph Sr., 1650-1739
Ship’s Papers--New Bedford (Mass.)--19th century
Taber, Bartholomew, 1779-1860
Taber, John, 1726-1761
Taber, Joseph B., 1808-1884
Taber, Thomas
Tripp, Joseph
Wills--Mass.--New Bedford--19th century

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Vessel Names

Arab (Ship)
Atkins Adams (Bark)
Charleston Packet (Brig)
Harvest (Bark: 1824-1861)
Herald (Ship: 1798-1854)
Hopeton (Brig)
Martha (Bark: 1850-1874)
Milton (Ship)
Phillipe de la Noye (Ship)
Roscoe (Ship)
Stanton (Ship)
Union (Sloop: 1797-1806)
William Wirt (Ship)

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