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Certificate of Excellence 2014


What a gem!

Reviewed June 7, 2015
"I have to admit that my main reason to stop at this museum was to get another stamp for National Parks Passport book. I figured we were driving near there, why not? Boy, am I glad we stopped. The exhibits are incredibly interesting (three full-size whale skeletons hanging from the ceiling!) and some wonderful saying/sea artwork. My husband is much more into the lore of 19th century sailing and commerce (including whaling), and I practically had to drag him out of the museum at closing time. Not only is this gem worth your while if you are in the area, it is worth an out-of-the-way stop if you aren't in the immediate area."


One of the Best

Reviewed May 19, 2015
"This is one of, if not the best whaling museums in the country. This is the city where it all happened. Learn why New Bedford is "The City That Lit the World". Make sure to watch all the films that run on a loop. It's a little long at 40 some odd minutes, but it will make the trip more interesting and help you understand more of what you see in the museum."


No Question, Great Place to Stop

Reviewed April 5, 2015
"Just about everything is good about this museum – not too big or too small, good displays, nice volunteers. Came to see the NCECA sculptures but was drawn into all the other displays. I had no prior interest but they are very well done. The scrimshaw are fascinating and the large boat model quite enjoyable. But the whale skeletons alone make the stop worth it."


Excellent and Informative

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 29, 2015
"Nicely laid out in a light and airy atmosphere. Educational without being 'preachy'. Excellent tie-in with general historical events. Worth a visit."


One of a kind in America

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 24, 2015
"I have been going to the New Bedford Whaling Museum since I was a kid and it has only gotten better over time. There is so much to see and so much to learn and the exhibits change regularly. It is the gem of New Bedford!"


5 of 5 starsAwesome Displays of the Whaling Industry. Family Friendly

Reviewed March 14, 2015 
"Able to browse at a leisure pace. Lots of educational items for kid and adults alike. Should allow at least a couple of hours to do justice with exhibits. The overhead hanging of whale skeletons are a sight to see, and remember! "


Amazing and Unexpected

Reviewed February 18, 2015
"Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Not only great history of whaling, but an unexpectedly broad history of the region, galleries, and ship/naval history. Larger than expected and undergoing an expansion. Excellent school/educational activities witnessed. Went with 2 families and 4 kids under 14 y.o."


A Master Class in Whaling History

Reviewed January 9, 2015
“The history of whaling comes alive with a 1/2 scale model of a whaling ship, art, photos and memorabilia from whalers, and a retrospective view of the importance and impacts of the whaling industry. Yes, protection and preservation are represented as well. You'll see scale models of whales, boats, equipment and learn the stories of the people who held this challenging profession. Did you know that many runaway slaves worked on whale ships to escape their potential captors... now you do! Learn more at the museum. The beautiful museum was funded by the family of whale ship owners, so the bent is on the importance of this activity during its heyday. You'll learn about the international whaling industry and the transition of Port of New Bedford to America's #1 Fishing Port (who knew?) Finally - talk with the docents. They gave us excellent information that added color to the exhibits.”





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