Annual Scrimshaw Weekend

Annual Scrimshaw Weekend

Scrimshaw box

Since it was first launched in 1989, the annual Scrimshaw Weekend is the world’s only regular forum where collectors, dealers, curators, folk art enthusiasts, whaling history buffs, and casual bystanders nationwide can gather to share their interests in, and insights into, the whalers’ indigenous occupational art of scrimshaw. 

Defined as the making of utilitarian and decorative objects from the hard byproducts of whaling — sperm whale ivory, walrus ivory, baleen, and skeletal bone — scrimshandering had its heyday on American and foreign whaleships in the Age of Sail, and scrimshaw-making carried over to the modern shore-whaling stations and factory-ships of the 20th century. 

The New Bedford Whaling Museum holds the world’s largest and most comprehensive scrimshaw collection, and has uniquely been hard at work examining and cataloguing scrimshaw from its own collection and from all over the world, disseminating the results.  The Scrimshaw Weekend is characterized by a wide spectrum of world-class scrimshaw, fine food, new ideas, and high camaraderie.  Calculated to come at the tail end of the popular, all-week Brimfield antiques show in May, the Weekend attracts seasoned collectors and distinguished experts as well as antiques dealers, neophyte collectors, whaling history devotees, and interested bystanders from all over the country, coast to coast.

The 26th Annual Scrimshaw Weekend took place Friday, May 16th – Sunday, May 18th, 2014
The 5th Annual Nautical Antiques Show took place on Friday, providing opportunities to browse hundreds of antiques from some of New England’s most respected dealers.

Support for the 26th Annual Scrimshaw Weekend was provided by:

Antiques & The Arts Weekly
Northeast Auctions of Portsmouth, N.H.
The Maine Antique Digest

New England Antiques Journal


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