Inventory of the Cory Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research LibraryProcessed by: Judith Downey with assistance from Barbara Austen and eight library volunteers; machine-readable finding aid created by: Mark ProcknikFunds for processing this collection were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.Inventory of the Cory Family Papers In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

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Inventory of the Cory Family Papers

In the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Cory Family Papers
Date Span:
Cory family
Mss Number:
Mss 80
45 linear feet
Business records and personal papers of four generations of a Westport, Massachusetts, family, 1762-1929
New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library
Whaling Museum: (508) 997-0046
Maritime Curator/Librarian: (508) 717-6837

Historical Note

The Cory family papers document the activities of four generations of Corys in Westport, Massachusetts, between 1762 and 1929. The principal members – Captain Isaac Cory (1746-1830), Isaac Cory Jr. (1775-1855) and Alexander Hamilton Cory (1815-1897) – were successively the leading merchants of the village of Westpoint Point. From a store at the town landing they built ships, managed whaling and fishing voyages, engaged in coastwise and foreign trade, and served as general merchandisers to the community. One of them served as Inspector of Customs for the Port of Westport, another as the first postmaster of the village.

From a central position within the town, the Corys recorded much of the significant activity of the community. Their papers constitute not only the largest collection of non-public documents pertaining to Westport, but also cover a longer span of time than any other known group of papers from the area.

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Scope and Content Note

Papers pertaining to Isaac Cory consist of business and personal correspondence, 1762-1840; financial records, 1769-1833; legal documents, 1776-1837; weaving records, 1805, 1813-1815; business records for several companies in which he was a partner, 1790-1840; ships’ papers for 37 vessels for which he acted as agent, had partial ownership in or had an interest in vessel or cargo, 1778-1831; and a school notebook, memoranda and miscellaneous documents, 1762-1817. The majority of these papers reflect Cory's activities as a general store owner, a ship owner, and a merchant engaged primarily in the coastwise and West Indies trade. In addition, they reflect his activity in the fishing industry, as both a whaling agent and as a contractor with textile manufacturers for yarn for piece work weaving in individual homes.

An important series of accounts and letters document Cory's partnership with the black shipmaster Paul Cuffe (1759-1817) in ventures involving the bark Hero, brig Traveller and the importation of merino sheep. Another partner in the merino sheep trade was William Jarvis of Boston, Mass. Others with whom Cory dealt were John Avery Parker (1769-1853) and Walter Paine of Providence, R.I., who acted as broker for the textile manufacturers.

Records for Corys & Brownell , 1790-1818, contain financial records, 1790-1818; customs records, 1792-1796; shipbuilding records; 1793-1796; correspondence, 1792-1810; Abner Brownell's records; and lottery materials for the Newport Long Wharf Hotel and Public School Lottery along with an advertisement, 1795-1796. This company, formed by Isaac Cory, his brother Philip Cory (1741-1802), and Abner Brownell (b.1756), ran the general store and engaged in fishing, shipping and shipbuilding as well. Many of the records are concerned with the acquisition of lumber and the work done on and completion of the ships Joseph and Plato. Upon Abner Brownell leaving the partnership in 1796, the firm became Philip & Isaac Cory, whose records include financial records, 1791-1811; legal documents, 1796; customs records, 1797-1799; and correspondence, 1797-1802. The firm was primarily concerned with operating the general store and shipping.

Isaac Cory remained in business alone after his brother's death in 1802. Then in 1814, he formed a partnership with Isaac Cory Jr. and Nathaniel Tompkins (1729-1861). The firm of Corys & Tompkins engaged in the hand weaving trade, acquiring yarns from mills and contracting with individuals to weave the yarn at home. The finished cloth went to the same mills from which the yarn was acquired including the Danielson Manufacturing Company, Danielson, Connecticut, Troy Cotton & Wool Manufacturing Company, Fall River, Massachusetts, and the Central Manufacturing Company, Seekonk, Massachusetts. The firm also engaged in shipping. The partnership dissolved in 1817. Corys & Tompkins records consist of financial records, 1815-1826; production records, 1815-1816; legal documents, 1815-1816; and correspondence, 1815-1817.

In 1815, Isaac Cory formed a partnership with his son Isaac Jr. under the name of Isaac Cory & Son. This company operated the general store and was engaged in the fishing and whaling industries, in coastwise and West Indies trade and shipping. Records for the firm include financial records, 1806-1840, which includes bills and receipts addressed to Isaac Cory & Son that pre-date the firm; legal documents, 1824-1828; assignees records, 1828-1838; and correspondence, 1815-1829. There were numerous business dealings with N. Hathaway & Company, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Davenport & Allen, Richmond, Virginia, and Robert Adams in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The firm had financial difficulties by 1828 and Nathaniel Tompkins and Nathan Crary Brownell (1787-1862) became assignees to settle accounts due creditors.

The ships’ papers, 1778-1831, represent 37 vessels which were engaged in the fishing and whaling industries as well as the coast-wise and West Indies trade. The most notable of these are the Albert (Schooner), 1819-1822; Hero (Brig), 1802-1814; Hornet (Boat) and Prudence (Boat), 1778-1783. Albert (Schooner) was engaged in the West Indies trade and made voyage to Madeira, Gibraltar, and Malaga. It was captained by Asa Bly, Isaac Cory's brother-in-law, who carried freight for Robert Adams of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and had a crew composed mostly of blacks. It encountered problems in attempting to unload its cargo of tobacco due to health restrictions on vessels from the port of Philadelphia where there was an epidemic. The Hero (Brig) was engaged in the coastwise trade and made a voyage to Spain. Its final voyage, however, was whaling and it was condemned at Chile. The vessel was partially owned by Paul Cuffe and the records contain correspondence and accounts dealing with his business interests. The Hornet (Boat) and the Prudence (Boat) were privateers operating off-shore during the American Revolutions. Their records are concerned with the three British vessels which they captured and brought into New London, Connecticut. Isaac Cory acted as their agent and attorney in the settlement of the claims. Other vessels represented by records include Fame (Sloop), 1814-1830, involved in trade; Industry (Brig), 1812-1829, Rhoda (Schooner), 1801-1813, and Union (Sloop), 1795-1811, engaged in trade and whaling. Those involved in trade and fishing are Aurora (Sloop), 1803-1831, and Union (Sloop), 1795-1811, engaged in trade and whaling. Those involved in trade and fishing are Aurora (Sloop), 1803-1831; Lively (Sloop), 1794-1813; and Westport (Sloop), 1815-1829. The Polly and Eliza (Schooner/Brig), 1815-1830, was involved in trade, whaling and fishing. Also represented in the ships’ papers are records of four Cory vessel captains, Micah Dean, 1786-1807; Sylvester Gifford, 1806-1809; Abner Howland, 1807-1810; and Perce Tompkins, 1821. The two most notable are Micah Dean and Sylvester Gifford, who both served as captain on the Cory vessel Adventure (Brig) at one point. It should be noted that in the financial records of the firms previously described, accounts are also included for various vessels in the ships’ papers.

Papers pertaining to the settlement of Cory's estate offer a detailed picture of the tangible assets of a leading merchant in a small coastal community.

Isaac Cory Jr. papers consist of correspondence, 1800-1851; financial records, 1795-1860; legal documents, 1795-1842; insurance policies, 1842-1855; records of Inspector of the Port, 1805-1855; and a notebook consisting of his arithmetic lessons, 1790. Isaac Jr. was in partnership with his father in Corys & Tompkins and Isaac Cory & Son as well as having worked for Corys & Brownell. The records reflect his personal accounts as well as his business activities after his father's death. His correspondence reveals his activities in shipping and contacts with his cousins in Providence, R.I. The records as Inspector of the Port for the Customs Administration provides additional evidence of the importance of Westport harbor as a shipping center in this area. After settling with the assignees of Isaac Cory & Son, Isaac Jr. continued to operate the store and eventually brought his two sons, Alexander Hamilton and Albert B. (b. ca. 1819), into the business.

Papers for Alexander Hamilton Cory include personal papers, 1828-1897; business records, 1828-1897; ship owner records, 1835-1887; records for the firm Davis & Cory, 1838-1850; ships’ papers for 21 voyages of five whaling vessels and for several voyages of a merchant ship, 1838-1879; ships’ papers for nine vessels in which Alexander had a financial interest in the cargo, 1829-1855; records as postmaster, 1840-1887; and records as selectman, 1873-1880. The personal papers include correspondence regarding elections in Bristol County for the Whig party, deaths of relatives, meetings of Freemason organizations of which he was a member and letters from relatives in Quincy, Illinois, describing the area. There are also records of family expenses, legal documents, and insurance policies on his life and property.

The business records reflect Alexander's activities in the store especially in ordering and in prices of goods, settlement of accounts, solicitation of business via advertising circulars, and tailor accounts, especially of Oliver H. Childs who did work for Cory. A good portion of his business was transacted with Seth Padelford & Company, Alex F. Adie, and Congdon & Aylesworth, all of Providence, Rhode Island. The ship owner records reflect his activities in shipping coal and whale-oil, purchasing vessels, and lobstering. The correspondence contains letters of recommendation made, by, and sent to, him for men to serve as crew members aboard vessels.

Alexander formed a partnership with Gideon Davis Jr. (ca. 1803-1847), in 1841 under the name of Davis & Cory which took over the store from Isaac Jr. As Davis had been a whaling agent, the firm continued in that function along with shipping lumber, salt and whale-oil. Records for the firm consist of financial records, 1838-1850; legal documents, 1841-1845; insurance policies, 1842-1845; and correspondence, 1841-1847. The records reflect business activities with Richmond & Carr, Seth Padelford & Company, and Samuel Judd & Son, all of Providence, R.I. and with William Watkins (1814-1900), whaling agent of New Bedford, Mass. The firm was dissolved in 1847 with the death of Gideon Davis Jr.

The ships' papers include records for fourteen whaling vessels, five of which concern both Alexander and Davis & Cory as agents. Three of the vessels met with ill fate: Barclay (Bark) was lost on Cape Antonio in 1856, Harbinger (Ship) was condemned at Paita in 1855, and Kate Cory (Schooner/Brig) was captured by the Alabama in 1863. The other vessels, Mexico (Brig) and Sacramento (Bark), were sold in 1848 and 1863 respectively. Several captains made careers in serving on Cory vessels. Weston Tripp served as captain for five voyages; Stephen Flanders and James King for two voyages each; and James Sowle served on one after coming up the ranks while employed by Cory. The merchant ship William H. Dewitt (Schooner) carried coal, wood, and other products for such markets as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Boston, Massachusetts, New York, the West Indies and Bermuda. Joseph A. Cory (b. 1831) served as captain for many years. In the correspondence for this vessel, there is discussion regarding the Civil War and privateers along the Atlantic coast and regarding business transactions. The remaining nine vessels included in the ships’ papers document voyages in which Alexander had a financial interest, most notably in the cargo. The most prominent of these vessels include the Catherwood (Brig), 1844; President (Bark), 1841; and Senator (Sloop), 1844 and 1848. These three ships each engaged in whaling as well as trade. Other vessels documented in the records include Alice (Sloop), 1829-1848; A.M.P. (Sloop), 1832-1850; Dr. Franklin (Bark), 1855; Gov. Carver (Bark), 1850; Solon (Brig), 1850; and Thomas Winslow (Brig), 1838. Records for the majority of these nine vessels are minimal, but include manifests of cargo.

Records for Cory's service as postmaster, 1840-1887, include correspondence regarding the establishment of the post office for that part of town. It also contains correspondence from individuals seeking information about Westport as a summer resort, mail to be forwarded, businesses seeking information for potential customers and official correspondence regarding rules and regulations. There is a substantial number of dead letters, mail sent to crew members aboard vessels from their friends and relatives which was never delivered. Records for Cory's service as town selectman, 1873-1880, are primarily concerned with the proposal and support of building a bridge between the Point and the Horseneck.

Also represented by materials in this collection are other Cory family members and relatives by marriage. Papers for Albert B. Cory consist of business and personal correspondence, 1839-1880, mainly addressed to his brother Alexander; financial records, 1831-1840; and personal correspondence of Elizabeth Cory (fl. 1845-1880), his wife. Albert, after establishing himself in New York City in 1860, aided Alexander in shipping and in the coal trade.

Papers for Mary Ann Prince Cory (1819-1896), Alexander's wife, contain personal correspondence, 1836-1896. The incoming correspondence consists of letters from her relatives in Brooklyn, Connecticut, and surrounding towns while she worked in Providence, Rhode Island, and after she has married and is residing in Westport. Mary Ann, during her time in Providence, served as a millinery worker, and her papers include a short poem written about the profession along with a cartoon illustration, ca. 1840. The outgoing letters are primarily to her children, especially Emma and Kate. Papers for ten of the eleven children of Alexander and Mary Ann are mainly correspondence, financial records, and school notebooks and lessons. Papers for Isaac Cory (1843-1872) consist of personal correspondence, 1863-1872. He went to work in the retail trade in Providence, R.I., but had tuberculosis and eventually went to Wayzatta, Minnesota, for his health, where he died in 1872.

Papers for Joseph Prince Cory (1845-1923) include personal correspondence, 1861-1893; financial records ca. 1865-1912; school notebooks and report cards, 1863; and an obituary, 1923. After attending school in Middleborough, Massachusetts, Joseph went to Providence and entered the retail trade but later changed to the jewelry trade. By 1871 he owned his own business under the firm name of Johnson & Cory which eventually became Reynolds & Cory.

Papers for Charles Burnett Cory (1847-1873) contain personal correspondence, 1868-1873; financial records, 1872-1873; and a poem, cards, train pass and a schedule, 1863, 1872. Charles also went to Providence and entered the retail trade, but by 1872, was peddling goods in Connecticut. He became ill, returned home and died in 1873.

Papers for Emma B. Cory (1849-1927) consist of personal correspondence, 1866-1927; bills and receipts, 1868-1880; and school records, 1868. Her correspondence is from relatives and school friends, two of whom became friends for life – Addie Buffinton Churchill (ca. 1850-1926) of Fall River, Massachusetts, and Annie F. Nichols Holmes (ca. 1849-1935) of Providence. Emma went to school at Wheaton Female Seminary, now Wheaton College, at Norton, Massachusetts, and then spent the next few years in New Bedford, Massachusetts, employed as a milliner. She also worked occasionally for firms in Providence. Emma traveled to visit relatives in the Boston area, Connecticut and Illinois and visited with her friends in Fall River and Providence.

Papers for Kate L. Cory Grinnell (1850-1939) include personal correspondence, 1867-1883; school report cards, ca. 1868; and papers for Philip L. Grinnell (ca. 1852-1932), 1833, 1884-1918, her husband. Kate also attended Wheaton and returned home afterwards. Her correspondence reports on the condition of her brother Thomas' daughter during the latter's illness.

Papers for Alexander Hamilton Cory Jr. (1852-1923) consist of personal correspondence, 1873-1897, and a memoranda book, ca. 1868. Alexander went to Providence in 1873 to work with his brothers Joseph and Thomas in jewelry trade. In 1894, he took a railroad excursion to California and his correspondence describes the West and areas of California which he visited. Papers for Thomas Brownell Cory (1854-1932) contain personal correspondence, 1867-1883; financial records, 1872-1873; legal documents, 1873, and personal correspondence of Mary A. Chatterton Cory (ca. 1863-1934), his wife. Thomas peddled goods from his father's store in 1872 and 1873; in 1873 he went to Providence to work with his brother Joseph in the jewelry trade. Some of his correspondence and all of his wife's relate to the illness of their daughter Florence Corrine (b. ca. 1880) whom they called "Flossy."

Papers for Mary Brownell Cory (1858-1950) consist of personal correspondence, 1879-1929, which mainly reflects her attendance at the Academy in Greenwich, Rhode Island as well as visits with her brother Thomas and his family in Providence. Papers for Bertha Belle Cory Kugler (1860-1939) include personal correspondence, 1880-1910; bills and receipts, 1880-ca. 1892; school notebooks and poems 1872-ca. 1875; a yearly planner, 1867; and papers for her husband, William E. Kugler (b. 1852), which include personal correspondence as well as a newspaper clipping describing their daughter Hester Cory's (b. ca. 1892) wedding to George Owen Dexter Jr. (b. ca. 1890). Bertha's correspondence reflects her lifestyle as a minister's wife and the different town in which they resided. Papers for Helen C. Cory (1864-1950) contain personal correspondence, 1873-1885, 1926 and school notebooks and lessons, ca. 1882.

This collection also contains papers for Ruth Cadman (1762-1845), Isaac Cory's sister-in-law, and for Asa Bly, (d. ca. 1823), Isaac Cory's brother-in-law. Ruth Cadman's papers consist of personal correspondence, 1828-1835; financial records, 1772, 1827-1845; school records as a teacher, 1803-1824; estate records, 1845-1847; and a copy of birth notice, ca. 1795. Ruth worked in Westport as a school teacher for numerous years. The estate was settled by Alexander H. Cory. Papers for Asa Bly include correspondence, 1814-1823; financial records, 1810-1824; legal documents, 1809-1811; estate records, 1822-1831; guardianship records, 1823-1832; and one poem written by his son Christopher, 1821. Bly served as captain of the following Cory vessels – Adventure (Brig), Albert (Schooner), and William Penn (Ship) – and records for those vessels contain further correspondence and accounts regarding his business ventures. Isaac Cory settled his estate and acted as guardian to his three children.

Materials in the Cory Family Papers have been arranged in sub-groups representing members of the Cory family and other individuals related by marriage. The sub-groups have been listed in chronological order by the date of birth of the individual. Correspondence, whenever possible, is arranged within each year by the name of the writer. Other papers, organized into series by type of document, are arranged in chronological order except for ships’ papers, which are grouped alphabetically by name of vessel. Researchers should note that there are logbooks and journals for 24 voyages of Cory vessels in the logbook collection of the Museum. There are also photographs of the family and of Westport in the photograph collection and a scale model of the Kate Cory (Brig) in the Museum collection.

This collection consists of 101 boxes whose contents span seven separate accessions. Boxes 1 to 90 contain the initial 1982 accession, while boxes 91 to 101 consist of the latter six accessions of the Research Library during the years 1987 to 1992.

Arrangement of Collection

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Separations List

Removed to Log Book Collection

Barclay (Bark), 1839; ODHS # 757
Barclay (Bark), 1841-1842; ODHS # 716
Barclay (Bark), 1843-1844; ODHS # 717
Barclay (Bark), 1849-1850; ODHS # 718
Barclay (Bark), 1849; ODHS # 965
Barclay (Bark), 1850-1852; ODHS # 719
Barclay (Bark), 1855-1856; ODHS # 720
Harbinger (Ship), 1842-1844; ODHS # 707
Harbinger (Ship), 1845-1846; ODHS # 708
Harbinger (Ship), 1845-1847; ODHS # 710
Harbinger (Ship), 1851-1855; ODHS # 709
Industry (Brig), 1821; ODHS # 746a
Industry (Brig), 1822; ODHS # 746b
Industry (Brig), 1823; ODHS # 744
Industry (Brig), 1827; ODHS # 747a
Industry (Brig), 1828; ODHS # 747b
Industry (Brig), 1828; ODHS # 747c
Kate Cory (Schooner), 1856-1857; ODHS # 713
Kate Cory (Schooner), 1857-1858; ODHS # 714
Kate Cory (Brig), 1858-1860; ODHS # 715
Kate Cory (Brig), 1862; ODHS # 1045a
Sacramento (Bark), 1854-1857; ODHS # 711
Sacramento (Bark), 1858-1861; ODHS # 712
Union (Sloop), 1805; ODHS # 738

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Administrative Information


Materials in this collection were donated to the Old Dartmouth Historical Society by an anonymous donor in 1982 as well as by Richard C. Kugler through a series of six donations within the years 1987-1992.

Processing Information

Processed by: Judith Downey with assistance from Barbara Austen and eight library volunteers, ca. 1982. Later accessions B87-32, B88-45, B89-39, B90-02, B91-37, and B92-29 were processed and incorporated into the existing manuscript collection by Mark Procknik, 2010.

Encoded by: Mark Procknik, 12 March 2012

Funds for initial processing were provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Please Consult Research Library for Detailed Description of Collection

Sub-group 1: Issac Cory Papers, 1762-1840 [23 linear feet]
Sub-group 1 contains the business and personal correspondence; financial records; legal documents; weaving records; business records for the following companies: Corys & Brownell, Philip & Isaac Cory, Corys & Tompkins, and Isaac Cory & Son; ships’ papers for 37 vessels in which he acted as an agent for, had partial ownership in or had an interest in vessel or cargo along with papers from 4 captains of Cory vessels; and a school notebook, memoranda, financial records of business associates, and miscellaneous documents of Issac Cory.
Sub-group 2: Isaac Cory Jr. Papers, 1790-1860 [3.5 linear feet]
Sub-group 2 consists of Isaac Cory Jr's business and personal correspondence, financial records, legal documents, insurance policies, Inspector of the Port records, and a school notebook.
Sub-group 3: Alexander Hamilton Cory Papers, 1795-1860 [13 linear feet]
Sub-group 3 contains Alexander Hamilton Cory's personal papers; business records primarily for store; ship owner records; records for the firm of Davis & Cory; ships’ papers for 21 voyages of five whaling vessels and for several voyages of a merchant ship along with 9 vessels in which he had a financial interest; and records as postmaster and selectman.
Sub-group 4: Albert B. Cory Papers, 1831-1880 [3 inches]
Sub-group 4 consists of Albert B. Cory's personal and business correspondence; financial records; personal correspondence by Elizabeth Cory, his wife.
Sub-group 5: Mary Ann Prince Cory Papers, 1836-1896 [1 linear foot]
Sub-group 5 consists of Mary Ann Prince Cory's personal correspondence as well as a poem and cartoon about millinery workers.
Sub-group 6: Isaac Cory Papers, 1863-1872 [3 inches]
Sub-group 6 contains the personal correspondence of Isaac Cory.
Sub-group 7: Joseph Prince Cory Papers, 1861-1923 [3 inches]
Sub-group 7 consists of Joseph Prince Cory's personal correspondence, financial records, school notebooks, report cards, and obituary.
Sub-group 8: Charles Burnett Cory Papers, 1863-1873 [3 inches]
Sub-group 8 contains Charles Burnett Cory's personal correspondence and financial records as well as poems, cards, train passes and schedules.
Sub-group 9: Emma B. Cory Papers, 1866-1927 [1.5 linear feet]
Sub-group 9 consists of the personal correspondence, financial records, and school records of Emma B. Cory.
Sub-group 10: Kate L. Cory Grinnell Papers, 1833, 1867-1918 [2 inches]
Sub-group 10 contains Kate L. Cory Grinnell's personal correspondence, school report cards; and papers for Philip L. Grinnell, her husband.
Sub-group 11: Alexander Hamilton Cory Jr. Papers, ca. 1868, 1873-1897 [1 inch]
Sub-group 11 consists of Alexander Hamilton Cory Jr's personal correspondence and memoranda.
Sub-group 12: Thomas Brownell Cory Papers, 1867-1883, 1907 [2 inches]
Sub-group 12 contains Thomas Brownell Cory's personal correspondence, financial records, legal documents, and the personal correspondence of Mary A. Chatterton Cory, his wife.
Sub-group 13: Mary Brownell Cory Papers, 1879-1929 [1 inch]
Sub-group 13 consists of the personal correspondence of Mary Brownell Cory.
Sub-group 14: Bertha Belle Cory Kugler Papers, 1867-1910 [1 inch]
Sub-group 14 contains Bertha Belle Cory Kugler's personal correspondence, bills, receipts, a school notebook, a poem, a yearly planner, and the personal correspondence of William E. Kugler, her husband, along with newspaper clipping describing their daughter's wedding.
Sub-group 15: Helen C. Cory Papers, 1873-1926 [2 inches]
Sub-group 15 consists of the personal correspondence of Helen C. Cory along with school notebooks and lessons.
Sub-group 16: Miscellaneous Family Papers, 1772-1889 [1.5 linear feet]
Sub-group 16 contains papers for Ruth Cadman, Asa Bly, Anthony Cory, Elizabeth B. Cory, Mary C. Cory White, Joseph A. Cory, along with poems, hymns, a play and correspondence, booklets, pamphlets, recipes, and school notes.

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Added Entries

Account books--Westport, Massachusetts--1773-1887
Advertising fliers
African-American merchant seamen
African-Americans in business--Massachusetts--Westport
Agricultural prices--Massachusetts--Westport
Alabama Claims
Amusements--Rhode Island--Providence
Assignments for benefit of creditors--Massachusetts--Westport
Bills of sale--Massachusetts--Westport
Bly, Asa, d. ca. 1823
Bly, Asa, d. ca. 1823--Estate
Boston, Massachusetts--Commerce
Bristol County, Massachusetts--Politics and government
Brooklyn, Connecticut--Description
Brownell, Abner, 1756-1851
Brownell, Nathan Crary, 1787-1862
Business records--Massachusetts--Westport
Cadman, Ruth, 1762-1845
Cadman, Ruth, 1762-1865--Estate
California--Description and travel, 1869-1950
Capture at sea
Cargo ships--Massachusetts--Westport
Central Manufacturing Company, Seekonk, Massachusetts
Cessio bonorum SEE Assignments for benefit of creditors (Roman Law)
Churchill, Addie Buffington, ca. 1850-1926
Circular letters
Clothing and dress
Clothing and dress--Remaking
Clothing trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Coal trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Coastwise shipping--Massachusetts--Westport
Collisions at sea
Colorado--Description and travel, 1876-1850
Commercial agents--Massachusetts--Westport
Commercial correspondence
Commission merchants--Massachusetts--Westport
Congdon & Aylesworth (Providence, Rhode Island)
Consular documents
Cory family
Cory, Albert B., b. ca. 1819
Cory, Alexander Hamilton Jr., 1852-1923
Cory, Alexander Hamilton, 1815-1897
Cory, Anthony, fl. 1824-1870
Cory, Charles Burnett, 1847-1873
Cory, Elizabeth, fl. 1845-1880
Cory, Emma B., 1849-1927
Cory, Florence Corrine, b. ca. 1880
Cory, Helen C., 1864-1950
Cory, Issac Jr., 1775-1855
Cory, Issac, 1743-1872
Cory, Issac, 1746-1830
Cory, Issac, 1746-1830--Estate
Cory, Joseph A., b. 1831
Cory, Joseph Prince, 1845-1923
Cory, Mary A. Chatterton, ca. 1863-1934
Cory, Mary Ann, 1819-1896
Cory, Mary Brownell, 1858-1950
Cory, Thomas Brownell, 1854-1932
Corys & Brownell (Westport, Massachusetts)
Corys & Tompkins (Westport, Massachusetts)
Cost and standard of living--Massachusetts--Westport
Cotton manufacture--Connecticut--Danielson
Cotton manufacture--Massachusetts--Fall River
Cotton manufacture--Massachusetts--Seekonk
Cotton weaving
Cotton yarn
Cuffe, Paul, 1759-1817
Customs administration--Massachusetts--Westport
Customs administration--Massachusetts--Westport--Officials and employees
Danielson Manufacturing Company (Danielson, Connecticut)
Davenport & Allen (Richmond, Virginia)
Davis & Cory (Westport, Massachusetts)
Davis, Gideon, 1804-1847
Dead letter mail SEE Postal service--Unclaimed letters
Dean, Micah, fl. 1786-1807
Decedents’ estates--Massachusetts--Westport
Decedents’ family maintainance--Massachusetts--Westport
Dexter, George Owen Jr., b. ca. 1890
Distribution of decedents’ estates--Massachusetts--Westport
Domestic relations--Massachusetts--Westport
Dry-goods--Rhode Island--Providence
Education--Rhode Island--Greenwich
Employment references--Massachusetts--Westport
Executors and Administrators--Massachusetts--Westport
Farm produce--Massachusetts--Westport
Farm produce--Massachusetts--Westport--Marketing
Fish trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Fishing boats--Massachusetts--Westport
Fishing ports--Massachusetts--Westport
Food prices--Massachusetts--Westport
Food prices--Pa.--Philadelphia
Food prices--Virginia
Freight and freightage--Massachusetts--Westport
General stores--Massachusetts--Westport
Gifford, Sylvester, fl. 1806-1809
Grinnell, Kate Lucia Cory, 1850-1939
Grinnell, Philip
Grocery trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Guardian and Ward--Massachusetts--Westport
Hand weaving--Massachusetts--Westport
Hat trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Holmes, Annie F. Nicholas, ca. 1849-1935
Howland, Abner, 1782-1847
Insurance policies--Massachusetts--Westport
Insurance, Marine--Massachusetts--Westport
Insurance, Marine--Massachusetts--Westport--Policies
Inventories of decedents’ estates--Massachusetts--Westport
Isaac Cory & Son (Westport, Massachusetts)
Jewelry trade--Rhode Island--Providence
Kugler, Bertha Belle Cory, 1860-1939
Kugler, Hester Cory, b. ca. 1892
Kugler, William E., b. 1852
Lane & Godfrey (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Liquor traffic--Massachusetts--Westport
Lobster fisheries--Massachusetts--Westport
Local elections--Massachusetts--Bristol County
Local elections--Massachusetts--Westport
Local government--Massachusetts--Westport
Lotteries—Rhode Island—Newport
Lumber trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Macomber, Peter, b. 1762
Mail SEE Postal service
Marine protests--Massachusetts--Westport
Merchant marine--Massachusetts--Westport
Merchant seamen--Massachusetts--Westport
Merchant seamen--Massachusetts--Westport--Salaries, pensions, etc.
Merchant ships--Massachusetts--Westport
Merino sheep
Millinery workers--Massachusetts--New Bedford
Millinery workers--Rhode Island--Providence
Millinery--Massachusetts--New Bedford
Millinery--Rhode Island--Providence
Newport, Rhode Island--Commerce
Nooning, William B., b. 1853
Parker, John Avery, 1769-1853
Peddlers and peddling--Massachusetts--Westport
Philip & Isaac Cory (Westport, Massachusetts)
Post-Office SEE Postal service
Postal service--Massachusetts--Westport
Postal service--Massachusetts--Westport--Collection of notes, etc.
Postal service--Massachusetts--Westport--Postmasters
Postal service--Massachusetts--Westport--Unclaimed letters
Produce trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Providence, Rhode Island--Commerce
Providence, Rhode Island--Industries
Providence, Rhode Island--Social life and customs
Puerto Rico--Commerce
Quincy, Ill.--Description
Railroad travel--United States
Recreation--Rhode Island--Providence
Richmond, Virginia--Commerce
Rural schools--Massachusetts--Westport
Sales letters
Saloons SEE Liquor traffic
Salt industry and trade--Massachusetts--Westport
School notebooks
Schools--Rhode Island--Greenwich
Seizure of vessels and cargoes
Seth Padelford & Company (Providence, Rhode Island)
Shapard & Lucke (Richmond, Virginia)
Shapard & Webb (Richmond, Virginia
Ship chandlers--Massachusetts--Westport
Ship letters
Ship-building workers--Massachusetts--Westport
Ship-building--Contracts and specifications--Massachusetts--Westport
Ships--Equipment and supplies
Ships--Maintenance and repair
Ship’s papers
Single women--Massachusetts--Westport
Single women--Rhode Island--Providence
Spain--Commerce--United States
Stores or stock-room keeping
Sweden--Commerce--United States
Tea Trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Textile industry--Connecticut--Danielson
Textile industry--Massachusetts--Fall River
Textile industry--Massachusetts--Seekonk
The West--Travel and description--1880-1950
Tobacco manufacture and trade
Tompkins, Nathaniel, 1792-1861
Tompkins, Perce, fl. 1821
Troy Cotton and Wool Manufacturing Company (Fall River, Massachusetts)
United States--Claims against Great Britain
United States--Commerce--Spain
United States--Commerce--Sweden
United States--Commerce--West Indies
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Claims
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Confiscations
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Finances, Commerce, Confiscations, etc.
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Prizes
Wages--Shipbuilding workers--Massachusetts--Westport
Watkins, William, 1814-1900
Wayzatta, Minnesota--Description
West Indies
West Indies--Commerce--United States
West Indies--Economic conditions
Westport Point, Massachusetts
Westport, Massachusetts--Amusements
Westport, Massachusetts--Bridges
Westport, Massachusetts--Commerce
Westport, Massachusetts--Economic conditions
Westport, Massachusetts--Industries
Westport, Massachusetts--Officials and employees
Westport, Massachusetts--Politics and government
Westport, Massachusetts--Schools
Westport, Massachusetts--Social life and customs
Wheaton College (Norton, Massachusetts)
White, Mary C., 1821-1903
Wholesale trade--Massachusetts--Westport
Women teachers--Massachusetts--Westport
Women teachers--Rhode Island--Providence
Women's clothing SEE Clothing and dress
Women--Employment--Massachusetts--New Bedford
Women--Employment--Rhode Island--Providence
Women--Social conditions--Massachusetts--Westport
Women--Social conditions--Rhode Island--Providence

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Vessel Names

A.M.P. (Sloop)
Adventure (Brig)
Adventure (Sloop)
Albert (Schooner)
Alice (Sloop)
Amy and Polly (Sloop)
Aurora (Sloop)
Barclay (Bark)
Betsy (Sloop)
Catherwood (Brig)
Colombia (Schooner)
Defiance (Sloop)
Dispatch (Sloop)
Dr. Franklin (Bark)
Eliza (Sloop)
Emma Clifton (Smack)
Exchange (Sloop)
Fame (Sloop)
Friendship (Brig)
Gov. Carver (Bark)
Harbinger (Ship)
Hero (Bark)
Hero (Brig)
Industry (Brig)
Industry (Sloop)
Juliana (Sloop)
Kate Cory (Brig)
Kate Cory (Schooner)
Lark (Schooner)
Lark (Sloop)
Lively (Sloop)
Lucina (Sloop)
Lydia (Sloop)
Lydia and Anna (Sloop)
Mary (Sloop)
Mary Ann (Sloop)
Mexico (Brig)
Molley's Adventure (Sloop)
Nabby (Sloop)
Nelly (Schooner)
Polly (Brig)
Polly and Eliza (Type of Vessel)
President (Bark)
Prudence (Boat)
Ranger (Schooner)
Reliance (Sloop)
Rhoda (Schooner)
Rose (Sloop)
Rover (Sloop)
Sacramento (Bark)
Sally (Sloop)
Sally Vaughn (Brig)
San Francisco (Bark)
Senator (Brig)
Senator (Sloop)
Solon (Brig)
Sunfish (Schooner)
Swallow (Sloop)
Thomas Winslow (Brig)
Traveller (Brig)
Two Brothers (Sloop)
Union (Sloop)
Westport (Sloop)
William H. Dewitt (Schooner)
William Penn (Ship)

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