Public Presentations in Cook Memorial Theater

Please review the following information related to the Cook Memorial Theater, presentation format, and submission requirements. We look forward to your presentation.

Operating System

The museum theater operates on a PC based system.

The theater does not have Mac-capabilities. If you would like to use a Mac for your presentation, please bring your laptop and an adapter to connect your laptop to our system.

Available Technology 

Laptop with Microsoft Office Suite (Windows 7)

Large Projector and screen with audio capability to play video or sound 

Wireless internet (museum laptop can connect to wireless throughout your presentation, allowing you to  play YouTube Videos or connect to a website during your presentation)


4 handheld wireless microphones

1 wired microphone

Technology Recommendations

Museum staff recommends that presenters use Microsoft PowerPoint to create their presentations. If you must use Keynote, save it to a flash-drive or CD as a PowerPoint.  Also bring your laptop with the original Keynote version of the presentation and a Mac adapter to use as a backup. 

Presenters should submit presentations to the museum on a flash-drive or CD.

File size for PowerPoint should not exceed 100MB. If your presentation includes a lot of .jpeg images, it is possible to reduce their size or DPI (72 or 96 is adequate for a PowerPoint presentation) to reduce the size of the PowerPoint file.

Presentation Requirements

The Museum asks that final presentations be received 24-48 hours prior to the public presentation. Presentations can be submitted to the museum through Dropbox or mail. Your staff contact will work with you to determine how best to submit your presentation in advance.

Media will be scanned for viruses before opening.  Media will be loaded onto our equipment 24 hours before the event.

If early submission is not possible, the Museum asks that you arrive for your presentation at least an hour early to ensure that the technology and media work correctly.


Contact information:

Brian Witkowski (508) 997-0046 ext. 185  (Education Dept.)
Sarah Budlong  (508) 997-0046 ext. 150  (Development Dept.)
Melanie Correia (508) 997-0046 ext. 207 (Curatorial Dept.)


Last Modified: February 11, 2014